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CSIK is a county in Transylvania Hungary. Many of the towns, villages, &
placenames in that county also start with the work Csik. I was at the
Csiksolymo pilgramage 2 years ago with about 800,000 people participating in
the celebration & holy mass. It was a wonderful experience and I intend to
participate at lease 1 more time in my life....possibly this year on May 11.
Laszlo B. Apathy III

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Greetings! I like to get mail from FEEFHS. I didn't send the email you are
asking about. Please let me continue to be a subscriber.

Direction of genealogical interests:

I am looking for: SLANY ancestors from Czechoslovakia or Hungary. Magyar
ancestors of the surname VASARHELYI (ancestors immigrated to US and those
remaining in Romania) and MUSZKA (relatives in Romania of Hungarian
or also MUSKA (relatives in Michigan area adopted this spelling).
surnames of interest include: LABUDA (Slovak origin), POCH (maiden name
uncertain origin) , and PALES (another maiden name of uncertain origin). I
inquiring about relatives of my grandfather still living in Romania surname
Village of VAMARGALFAINE in Transylvania, Romania
Village of Gemerska, Czechoslovakia

Rehova or Kokova in Hungary (CSIK?) (probably predominately Slovik origin)
In the US Census records for my Slovak ancestors they show "CSIK" (I
was an abbreviation for Czechoslovakia or Slovak). They also show Hungary
as place of birth and mother and father's birth. I don't know if they are
meaning an place in Czechoslovakia under Hungarian rule or a place actually
located in Hungary (if so may not mean limited to present day Hungary). I
understand that many Slovakian people lived in Northern Hungary (which is
the part
which was treatied over to Romania "Treaty of Versailles."

Anyone bursting with knowledge in my areas of ignorance please enlighten
I can be reached at (mailto:) .
Welcome comments and info. Thanks.

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