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Subject: Re: ? from U.S.A., about a Demonstration, on Chester, England, expedition to Wicklaw, in Feb of 67
Date: Sun, 9 Apr 2006 15:48:03 +0100
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Dear George,

I don't know if someone has already answered your query, but here is what I
know. The "Chester demonstration" was not a demonstration at all. It was an
attempt by the Fenians to raid Chester Castle, near Liverpool, on 11
February 1867, in order to get arms and ammunition, and then launch their
planned rising in order to establish an Irish republic. After raiding the
castle, the plan was to proceed to Holyhead, seize the ferry, and use it to
land the arms in Ireland. But the scheme was betrayed by an informer, the
authorities reinforced security around the castle, and they had to abort the
attack. The official "Fenian rising" took place the following 5 March. Some
Fenians did cross over to Ireland after the Chester attempt, and that is
probably where this Peter J. Joyce came in. Wicklow Head is a place in
Ireland; Wicklow is the Irish county south of Dublin.


The best beginner's book about the Fenian movement is Robert Kee's "Bold
Fenian Men". There are more scholarly studies, but if you are not doing
specific work on the Fenians it may be worth your while to start there just
to get the basic facts. Unfortunately if he was not even arrested, it may be
difficult to come across specific information on him on this side of the
water. It may be easier to trace his life in America. However, I will let
you know if I come across his name.


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Subject: ? from U.S.A., about a Demonstration, on Chester, England,
expedition to Wicklaw, in Feb of 67

>I have some questions about some history, and I hope a man.
> But some background, I am doing research, on the 2nd California State
> Constitutional Convention, of 1878. Reading the book "Biographical
> Sketches Delegates to the Convention to Frame a New Constitution of the
> State of Californian 1878" found that one of the delegate was Peter J.
> JOYCE, who was born Dec 18, 1839, at Loughrea, County Galway, Ireland.
> Shortly after coming to the U. S., he joined the Union Army and fought in
> the Civil War. At the end of the war, it states that he when back to i
> guess to England, for it says that he took part in a or the Demonstration,
> on Chester, England. he then organized a expedition in Liverpool, and
> landed at its head in Wicklaw, in Feb of 1867, and then after the
> "Raising" in March. The English government, offered a reward for his
> arrest. So he felt it was for the best to leave, going back to Boston,
> where he got married soon after getting there in 1867. Shortly after that
> him and his new wife, came to San Francisco, where in 1878, he was a
> Furniture Dealer.
> So my questions are where could I find out more on the "Demonstration, on
> Chester, England" the "expedition in Liverpool, and landed at its head in
> Wicklaw, in Feb of 1867" "the "Raising" in March" sorry that I do not
> know about these events, but do not learn a lot on English and Irish
> History, in the U.S. Also is there any information on this man.
> Thanks
> George
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