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Date: Fri, 21 Apr 2006 13:10:33 -0500
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Hi Colin,

Here is a something I shared with the Ferguson list in April 1998. It
is from Fauquier Families. The part at the end was from Shirley Doran.
I believe this is the family Richard was referring to:


Ferguson, Alexander. 89H. He also witnessed the sale of 3 slaves by
Henry Jones to Robert Humes.

Ferguson, Elijah. 93H/John-94H.

Ferguson, James. 99B/Nathan Wheeler.

Ferguson, John. 59M. D 1-128, 1760. He & Martha + Ferguson sell John
Brahan of WESTMORELAND 140 a. in Fauquier and Stafford on br of Aquia
called Cannon's Run; William Hammett, William Durham wit.

Ferguson, John H. 87B-99W. MB 8/28/1789 to Ann Piper, dau of Winifred
Piper, wit/bd Frank Payne. D 11-401, 1793. Lease in Manor of Leeds for
lives of him, wife Nancy, son Roley. M 11-188, 1794. Deft; John Ferguson
bail. M 12-43, 1795. Robert Hume ag him; wit incl Enoch Hume, Thomas
Triplett, John Wine, James Davis. M 14-139, 1798. Deft; Lewis Ferguson bail.

Ferguson, Joshua. 98W & 98W-99B/Walter B. Walters.

Farguson/Ferguson, Lewis. 86-89H. MB 11/27/1783 to Molly Piper, dau of
Benjamin Piper; bd William Fargason. M 9-119, 1788. Suit by William
Withers ag him; wit incl John Ferguson, Robert Piper, and Simon and
James Heflin.

Ferguson, Lewis. 98W-99B.

Fargason/Ferguson, William. MB 1/25/1783 to Dolly Amiss, dau of
Elizabeth Fox, wit Bryant Slone, John Gibson; bd Augustine Jannings.

On entry for Hulett, William: Lease in Manor of Leeds for lives of son
Leroy and John and William Ferguson, sons of John Ferguson.

On entry for Thomas Withers (son of James): Travelled 15 miles wit John
Ferguson ag Aquilla Davis.

On entry for Rosannah Hurst+: Assigns lease to Henry Hurst; wit incl.
James and Landon Hurst. W 2-203, 1793, pr M 10-474, October 1793 by John
H. Ferguson and Grace Quisenberry; other wit Salley+ Thompson.

Entry for Thomas Dennahy: MB 5/17/1790 to Ann Carter, dau of William
Carter, wit/bd John H. Ferguson.

Entry for Isac Judd: D 1-82, 1760. He & Lettis+ Judd sell 105 a. on
Cannons Run to Morias Hansbrough of STAFFORD; wit Peter + Beach,
Nehemiah + Ferguson, William + Ballester. M 6-257, 1784.

How to read the abbreviations:

Example: Adams, Turner. 90H-94H/George-96H/John T. Chunn, 99B.

Adams was taxed from 1790-96 and in 1799. H = Humston, B = Buckner;
commissioners for the NW district. /signifies that another person was
charged for the head tax. /George - when only first name of the person
responsible is noted, he or she has the same surname as the tithable;
the payer is most often a parent, some times an older brother, an uncle
or other paternal relative, or least frequently a son for an elderly
father, /John T. Chunn - when the full name is given, he or she is a
guardian, employer, master, in-law, or maternal relative. In this case
Turner Adams lived in the household of his father, George Adams, from
1790-94 and in that of his employer, a family friend and neighbor, in
1795-96. He was not taxed in 1798-97, either because he was missed by
the census taker or he was absent from the county. Having leased land in
1796 and married in 1797 he paid his own taxes in 1799. He was at least
16 years old in 1790 and thus about 23 when he set up his own household.


FERGUSON DESCENDANCY CHART (I think this is the same Ferguson family as
mentioned above. The following information was from Shirley Doran)

John FERGUSON, died 20 Dec 1794, Culpeper County, VA; married 1756,
Culpeper Co., VA, Martha HAMMETT.

I. Jesse Ferguson, born 1756

II. Alexander Ferguson.

III. Elijah Ferguson, born 1775, Culpeper County, VA, died 1843, Carroll
County, Mississippi, married 1806, Woodville, MS, Elizabeth Jackson.

IV. James Ferguson, married 29 Sep 1787, VA, Mary Robertson.

V. Samuel FERGUSON, married 4 Sep 1793, Amherst Co., VA, Susannah BALL.

VI. William Ferguson.

VII. John Hammett Ferguson, married 1795, Anne Greene.

VIII. Lewis Ferguson, born 1760, Culpeper Co., VA, died 23 Nov. 1842,
Sangamon Co., IL; buried Smoot Cemetery, Menard Co., IL, married 27 Nov.
1783, Fauquier Co., VA, Molly PIPER.

IX. Elizabeth Ferguson, born 27 Oct 1773; died 9 Feb 1825.

X. Catron Ferguson, (a female).

XI. Martha Ferguson

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