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From: "Vynette Sage" <>
Subject: [FER-GOLD] Databases available from me
Date: Fri, 26 Sep 2003 09:27:08 -0700
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If you have not received a requested database, now is the time to re-email
Additionally, if anyone has not received any of the following databases, I
will send them to you.

PLease follow:
1. Email your request directly to me . PLEASE do
not post your request to the Fermanagh website.
2. Place the name of the database in the SUBJECT line of the email and then
leave the body of the email blank.
3. I will send the database as an EXCEL file. If you want the data sent in
email format---place the words"email format" after the name of the requested
database (on the subject line)
4. Send one request per email. This makes sending the database back to you
easier. You may request any (or all) the databases. No limit on the number.
5. The databases are meant for personal use and not commerical purposes.
6. I have outgoing virus protection.
7. If I haven't replied to your request within 7 days, please resend your
8. Remember that some of the very same databases are already posted to
various websites. Use a search engine on your computer if you wish to find
9. If you have obtained any of the following databases from me in the
past---there is NO NEED to re-request them again! NONE are updated!
10. No Lookups.....


1381-1919 Derryvollen Rector and Curates
1659 Census of Ireland--a few names
1662-1870 Devenish ParishSidesmen
1665-1666 Hearth Money Rolls around Irvinestown
1704-1982 Roman Catholic Priests-Devenish
1747-1768 Fermanagh Freeholders
1747-1768 Devenish Freeholders
1753-1857 Devenish Rent Rolls-Alphabetical
1753-1857 Devenish Rent Rolls-By location
1761 Co. Cavan Poll Book
1766 Devenish Religious Census
1766 Fermanagh Religious Census
1788 Fermanagh Poll of Electors
1788 Devenish Parish Roll of Electors
1828-1983 Devenish Curates
1834-1984 Methodist Ministher-Irvinestown
1839 Fermanagh Map
1841 Fermanagh Census Fragment #1
1841 Fermanagh Census Fragment #2
1841 Devenish Census
1846-1984 Presbyterian Clergy-Irvinestown, Pettigo
1851 Old Age Pension Records--Exerpts only
1864-1868 Pettigo Smallpox Vaccination Records
Devenish Church Wardens-Alphabetical
Devenish Church Wardens-By Location
Drumally Cemetery
Irish in Arizona Territory, USA
Irvinestown Tower Cemetery

In addition, I will offer the 1821 Fermanagh Census Fragments, AFTER the
email has slowed down for the above databases.
PLEASE, PLEASE, DO NOT request the 1821 Fermanagh Census database at this

Vynette Sage
Pine, Arizona, USA

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