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Subject: Re: [FER-GOLD] Index of Irish Wills and Betham Abstracts
Date: Thu, 13 Oct 2005 18:54:53 EDT

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Is anyone familiar with these indices? They refer to an index of wills
proven pre 1900. My question is: If this is an INDEX, would I just receive
the name of the person whose will was proven, or is there a complete (if
damaged) will somewhere that I could order?
Several of my SOMERVILLE family are listed in the Prerogative of Wills, but
I don't know if that means there is an actual will somewhere, or if the list
is all that there is.
Thanks, all.

These are really two documents. The index is just to the Prerogative
[Court] Office records and covers Wills, Administrations and Marriage Licenses.
The ML gives both parties, an identifier (place, occupations, status) and the
year... the other two records show just the party and year the document was

Of these, only a handful of the wills exist and in various places. You
would have to look at a number of places to find this out.

The Betham Will Abstracts were done around 1858 and were from the actual
wills (or at least the registered copies at the time). The cover only the
decedant, and any relationships that are mentioned in the will. Sometimes they
mention the bequests, but don't expect them to be there all the time. They are
grouped by the first letter of the alphabet and then by date range . I
believe the books are indexed, but I don't remember offhand.

All these are available on Microfilm from the Mormons. Volume 23 of the
Betham abstracts starts on film 0595941 and covers letter F in the early 1700's,
Volume 68 is on 0596139 and covers T 1748-1786. This should clue you in
there. Some times these volumes are called Will Pedigrees.

Page 30 to 31 of Vol 68 - Example

#70 TEW Hester of Raddingston, Co Meath widow - dated 26 March 1753, proved
10 July 1756, daughter Elizabeth SPROULE, daughters Rose and Elinor, sons
James - Michael - John and William, daughter Hester, nephew James MCMANUS of
Maynooth, son Francis, eldest son Mark.

Following is an extract I did of Volume 1 of the Prerogative Will Books a
while back:

Prerogative Court Wills (Volume I) 1600-1684
An Index
PROD. Mss. 1A/2/2
Extracted by: Philip E. McManus

Below is an index to the Prerogative Court Wills (Volume I) 1600-1684. The
original book had an index but K-N pages were missing from the index.

While the localities of the testators (person who made the will) are all
over Ireland, a large number are obviously Scots-Irish.

This book can be found on LDS film number 0597282.

Wills in Order of Appearance in Book

William Thomason
Oliver Jones
Robert Haw
Symon Needham
Abraham Michelburne
Phillip Rosh
Anthony Atkinson
John Arthur
Patrick Hussey
John Moray
Sir Maurod Ffenton
Henry Wright
Samuel Brimsmead
Gregory Giles
Thomas Kent
James Fitzgerald
William Skelton
Tomas Chambers
Edward Lucas
James Greggs
Alice Godwin
Arthur Hill
John Ffrancke
Dame Elizabeth Hamilton alias Willoughby
Anthony Burkwork
Ellen Dobbins alias Shee
Nathaniel Williams
Thomas Beard
William Whitshed
Thomas Howard
Martin Walsh
Sir John Hoey
Elizabeth Cavogan
Edward Hartshorne
Thomas Harrold
Jasper Cox
Henry Ward
Henry Baidon
Matthew Shephard
George Cressy
Matthew Edsall
Thomas Waterhouse
Thomas Deyse
Ffrancis King
Lord Viscount Massareene
Thomas Waring
Robert Stuart
John Addis
Abraham Van Hoegard
John Pawlett
John Hollywood
Stephen Cuppage
Samuel Turner
Ffrancis Derensy alias Kean
Catherine Cook
James Bingham
George Wentworth
John Arthur
Walter Harrington
Robert Ward
George Wilde
Anne Parsons
Samuell Cullein (Archbishop of Tuam)
James Pearce
John Ball
John Fitzgerald
Thomas Wale
Nicholas Ashe
Richard Ladyman
John Oliphant
Alson Stanley alias Mapas
Richard Eaton
Archibald Hamilton
Joshua Ffenwicke
John Dawson
William Ellicott
Dr. Gerald Ffennell
Adam Cathcart
Elizabeth Billingsly alias Wothill alias Howill
Hught Latimor
Edward Graham
Ellen Bennett
William Stephenson
Penelope Barly
William Potter
William Hepburne
Sir William Dixon
John Comly
Richard Simons
Sir Peter Harboy
Alexander Donnaldsone
Christian Purfield
Joseph Woolley
John Warren
Dame Mary Allen
Thomas Drumgood
Richard Baldwin
Elizabeth [Fitzgerald]Countess of Kildare
Owen Lloyd
Edward Cooke
Sir Maurice Eustace, Knight
Edward Wale
John Bligh
John Graham
Sir Arthur Loftus, Knight
Thomas Vincent
Elizabeth Daboren alias Dutton
Ffrancis Dowdall
John Talbot
James Tuite
John Wallace
Joseph Travers
Thomas Burton
Richard Heyden
Richard Ffinglasse
Peter Hussey
William Phillipps
Henry Langford
Michael Castell
Sir Martin Noell
Dominicke Darry
Claudius Hamilton
James Smart
Thomas Bourke
Robert Griffith
Angelleta Dey
Bartholomew Hussey
Anne Waterhouse
William Adaire
Redmond Caron
Robert Loftus
Jane Jameson
Henry Woodsall
Henry Lestrange
Sir James Ware
Henry Kniveton
Edward Martin
Richard Heaton
Anne Woodrose
Richard Harris
Michell Dormer
Edmund Stacke
William Bourke
Robert Gookin
Philipp Bygoe
Samuell Bathurst
Henry Wray
Edward Shuck
Stephen Palmer
Patricke Allen
Oliver Earl of Tirconnell
William Taylor
Richard Ball
John Doughty
Sir Ffrancis Peisley
Ralph King
John Davis
Thomas Symes
John Matthews
William Warren
Dudly Maynwaring
John Bourke
Dame Beatrix Hamilton
Thomas Fitzgerald
Rickard Earle of Clanrickard
John Pennington
Jeremy Taylor
Richard Sherlocke
Matthew Harrison
Thomas Amory
John Ffortiscue
Patrick Lavallin
William Hoole
Catherine Martin
Thomas Burton
Rowland Wilson
John Ffenwicke
John Ghost
Michael McMahon
Arthur Nangle
Edward Cavanagh
Edward Taylor
Stephen Godwin
John Tent
Ester Whitshed
John Helt? Hest?
George Staples
John Rowe
Henry Tyllier
John Browne
James Cusacke
Cnogher O'Brein
John Thompson
Ralph Kinge
Richard Ffitzharris
William Hoole
Nathaniel Harrisson
Henry Tichbourne
Thomas Barnes
Jerome Manwood
William Warden
Tristran Bereford the Elder
Thomas Sargeant
Edmond Jackson
Thomas Welsh
Robert Talbott
William Hill
Charles Hooker
Matthew Considene
John Knott
David Jeane
Maude Wickcomb alias Cullen
Richard Browne
John Collins
James Cunningham
Arthur Shirley
Elizabeth Countesse of Guilford
William Gough
Nicholas Poore
Thomas Ffitzgerald
Henry Tichborne
Lord Cromwell (father of Oliver Cromwell)
William Andrews
Robert Arthur
Peter Ashenhurst
Ffrancis Conningham
Robert Cliffe
Symon Garstyn
Mathew Shepheard
John Crynne
Edward Brian
William Salmon
Joshua Ffenwicke
John Gordan
Edward Philpot
George Thrible
Anne Pearce
Ann Brookes
Samuell Butler
Anne Coole
William Hamilton
Henry Jones
David Johnson
James Johnston
Isaac John
Roger Jones
Thomas Jones
Elizabeth Jones
Roger Jones
Robert Jennings
Robert Isaarke
William Kinwood
John Kerwan
Lord John Kingston
Nicholas Kempstone
John Kelson
John Kealy
Robert Ker
Ambrose Lord Bishop of Kildare
Griffin Kavanagh
John Keating
Griffin Kavanagh
Edmond Kearney
Loghlin Kerge
Oliver Keating
George Knox
John Bradshaw
Walter Chamberlain
Robert Goodwin
Nicholas Lynch
William Lenox

Hope this helps!


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