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G'day Viola

The Bill is before the Parliament in Dublin, so it'll only be the 26 counties of the Republic.

As for the 1939 National Identity Cards, I understand that Guy Etchells (?), the guy "liberated" the 1911 Census of England and Wales has a case before the Information Commissioners in London. Let's hope he wins!


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I wonder if it will be the whole 32 counties or just the 26 of the Irish
Free State?
Also I wonder if the applications for National Identity Cards c1939/40 are
going to be available.
That Register contained just the person's Name and Address and Reg No. UAJA
852/1 which was my father's number. The rest of the household were mother /2
S'man /3 s'girl /4 Sister /5 Brother /6 I was /7, and being the youngest
came after the serving man and servant girl.
No we were not post people. The servants were necessary labour to cope with
the "compulsary tillage" of crops.
A percentage of the land had to be under crop of Potatos, Oats, Barley,
Turnip, [Swede], Cabbage, Curley Kale, Peas, Carrots, Beetroot & Beans. So
the extra help was needed when we were small children.

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