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From: David <>
Subject: FERMANAGH-GOLD www.fermanagh-gold.com website update
Date: Tue, 1 Mar 2011 18:28:03 +1100
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Hello everyone

The www.fermanagh-gold.com website has had a small update today.

The simple search option now allows searching of 3 letter words (e.g. fee) (previously the minimum was 4 letters).

I would also like to draw the attention to two facilities on the website that may be of interest.

1) On the search page at the bottom is a "Chronological Surname Search".

You can select a surname that has been indexed to get a chronological list of records relating to that surname.
The list shows the date, and forename from the relevant record. The list also has links to the relevant records.
This can be a quick way to find records relating to the surname that you are interested in.

2) You can upload your family tree file in GEDCOM format (commonly exported from many genealogy programs) to the website.

You can upload your family tree file at: http://www.fermanagh-gold.com/uploadtree
The benefits of doing this are that your family tree records will become searchable along with all the other records stored on the website.
They are also indexed by Google and therefore searchable by anyone on the internet.
Each record from the GEDCOM file is presented in an easy to read format.
For an example click on the following link (or paste the link into your browsers address bar)
This is what people searching on the website or via Google will see if they match the records from your GEDCOM file.
This increases the likelihood of someone searching for something that is relevant to your family tree and thereby getting in contact with you.

For any new members to the forum I would also like to let you know that you can upload your member interests to the website at:
These member interests are displayed on the members page and are also searchable on the website when you use the search facilities.
Once you have uploaded your member interests you will get access to the download area of the website where you can download any of the database files that you want.

The search facilities on the website are open to everyone regardless of whether you have submitted your member interests or not.

If you have any problems with any of this then please email me directly and I will sort things out for you.


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