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From: "William J Flanagan" <>
Subject: Family Pedigree, "Guinness/ MacGuinness
Date: Tue, 26 Sep 2000 10:54:03 -0700

William (Bud) Flanagan
Spokane, Wa., USA

From: " Irish Pedigrees" by John O'Hart, Vol 1, p 311.

Cinog ( or Cionga), brother of Ros who is No 63 on the "Line of Ir," page
301, was the ancestor of MacAonghuis (oneesh); anglicised MacGuinness,
Maginnis, Magennis, Magenis, MacInnes, Guinness, Angus, Ennis, Innis, ect.
63. Cionga, son of Rory Mor.
64. Capa ( or Cathbharr).
65. Fachna Fathach, 93rd monarch of Ireland.
66. Cas, brother of Conor MacNessa
67. Amergin
68. Conall Cearnach, of the Red Branch Knights of Ulster
69. Irial Glunmhar. King of Ulster, his brother, Laoiseach Lannmor, aka
Lysach, was ancestor of O'Moore.
70. Fiacha Fionn Amhnais, 24th King of ULster, in Emania.
71. Muredach Fionn, King of Ulster.
72. Fionnchadh
73. Connchadh ( of Donnchadh)
74. Gialchad
75. Cathbha
76. Rochadh
77. Mal, 107th Monarch of Ireland
78, Firb
79. Breasal Breac
80. Tiobrad Tireach, 30th King of Ulster, Assassinated Conn of the Hundred
in 157 AD.
81. Fergus Gaileoin ( or Goghlas)
82. Aongus Gabhneach, aka O'Gaibhnaigh, anglicised Gowan, MacGowan,
O'Gowan, Gibney, Smythe, Smith, ect.
83. Fiacha Araidhe, 37th King of Ulster ancient territory of "Dalaradia"
sometimes called "Ulidia" comprising the present county of Down and part of
84. Cas, his brother Sodhan was ancestor of O'Manning, MacWard, O'Dugan,
85. Fedhlim, King of Ulster
86. Iomchadh
87. Ros, King of ULster
88. Lughdheach
89. Eathach Cobha. Iveagh, a territory in co Down derived it's name from
His descendants took their title as "Lords of Iveagh".
90. Crunnbhadroi.
91. Caolbha, 123rd and last Monarch of the Irian race, 47th King of ULster.
92. Conall, had 3 brothers: #1 Feargan, ancestor of MacCartan;#2 Saraan ,
las king of ULster of the Irian race and in whose time, the Three Collas
conquered Ulster.
#3 was Conla.
93. Fothach, son of Conla.
94. Main
95. Saraan
96. Mongan.
97. Aodhan, his brother Foghartach was ancestor of MacArtan.
98. Feargus
99. Breasal Beldearg
100. Concobhar
101. Domhnall
102. Blathmac
103. Laidhne
104. Aidiotha
105. Aongus, the MacAonghuis, aka Aeneas Mor.
106. Aongus Oge (Aodh), First of the family to assume this sirname.
107. Eachmilidh
108. Aongus
109. Eachmilidh.
110. Flaitheartach
111. Aodh ( of Hugh) Reamhar
112. Dubhinsi.
113. Giolla Coluim.
114. Ruadhrigh.
115. Eachmilidh.
116. Murtogh Riaganach
117. Art (or Arthur) na-Madhmainn
118. Aodh (or Hugh)
119. Art
120. Hugh
121. Donall Mor, had 2 elder brothers; #1 Hugh, #2 Eachmilidh (who had a
son named Hugh) and seven younger brothers-1.Felim, 2. Edmond, 3. Cu-Uladh,
4. Muirceartach, 5. Brian, 6. Ruaddhrigh (Rory, por Roger), 7. Glaisne.
122. Donall Oge, son of Donall Mor.
123. Hugh (also called Feardorach of Ferdinand)
124. Art Ruadh or Sir Arthur Magenis of Rathfriland; was in 1623 created
Viscount of Iveagh, county Down, married Sarah, daughter of Hugh O'Neill
who was Earl of TYrone and had issue-1. Hugh Oge of Iveagh who had a son,
Arthur; 2. Conn, 3. Arthur, 4. Rory, 5. Daniel,6. Rose, 7. Evelin, 8.
Eliza. He was buried in Dromballybrony on 15 June, 1629.
125. Daniel, married Eliza Magennis. He died 1658.
126. Bernard, a Colonel, died 1692, Had a brother Roger Mor who married
N.Cavanagh.Had a son Roderick who died 1726.
127. Roger Oge: married Maria Magennis. Had a brother Bernard who was a Lt
Colonel, He was born 1703, died 1734.
128. Heber, died 1760.
129. Arthur, was a Captain, died 1794.

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