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From: Valerie/Rowan Henshaw <>
Subject: KERR
Date: Thu, 08 Feb 2001 23:32:18 +1100

Hello listers,

These two posts were sent to the KERR list by David Kerr and are
reproduced here, in their entirety, with his permission. They may be of
some interest to those researching KERR in Fermanagh.

Best wishes,

Valerie Henshaw
Melbourne, Australia

(P.S. Apologies if this appears twice. I sent it on Feb 5th but it
hasn't appeared on the List to date.)

Subject: list of some Irish Kerr/Karr/Ker/Keer/Carr wills
Date : Tue, 23 Jan 2001 12:22:25 -0000
From: David Kerr <>


I hope these are of use to someone in their search for Irish Kerr roots.

Last night I copied these notes from several books in the posession of
Irish National Library in Dublin. Please be aware that these are not the

only wills registered in Ireland, there are a lot more in the National
in Dublin and in the records offices in Belfast for the 6 counties.

The spellings of names & places are exactly as they were typed in the
original books (I have made no changes). I always recommend that you
check the original source for additional information, remember these are

just abstracts & not the actual wills which are held in the National
of Ireland

If I copy any more wills then I will forward them to the list.

Registry of Deeds Abstract of Wills Vol 1 1708-45

Vol 1 1708-45

Entry First Name Last Name Description of the Kerr person
Date Action
201 John Kerr Dublin Gent
3APR 1720 Witness to John Forster

215 John Kerr
2Nov1720 Witness to memorial of Arthur Maxwell ESQ of
Drumbeg Co.Down

245 John Kerr Dublin Gent
22APR 1720 Memorial witness of Daniel Forrest

262 John Kerr Dublin Gent
16Sept1722 Trustee for Samuel Cotton

291 John Kerr Dean of the Diocese
18July 1719 His own will of Ardagh/Co Longford

Elizabeth Kerr John's widow
18July 1719 named in will
Teeny Kerr his daughter
18July 1719 named in will

277 John Kerr Lisnaska/Fermanagh Gent
Witness of codicil of Joseph Eccles of Rathmoran

478 William Kerr Servant
15Jan 1731 named in will of David Murray of Corkeeran

George Kerr Servant
15Jan 1732 named in will of David Murray of Corkeeran

John Kerr Servant
15Jan 1733 named in will of David Murray of Corkeeran
George Carr Farmer of Kirkiren
15Jan 1734 Witness to David Murray of Corkeeran
47 Mary Kerr Niece
8July 1710 named in will of Col Christopher Wray of

Knockihernane, Co. Limerick

Registry of Deeds Abstract of Wills Vol 1 1708-45

Vol 2 1746-85

Entry First Name Last Name Description of the Kerr
person Date Action

225 Andrew Ker ESQ of Portatrave Co.
Monaghan 28 ? 1753 his will his lands inclded. Mt
Kermell, lisonegallorigh, Fermoyle, Barony cremorne Co. Monaghan

Margaret Ker Mrs Pettigrew daughter
28 ? 1753 named in will
Alice Ker daughter
28 ? 1753 named in will
Robert Ker son
28 ? 1753 named in will
John Ker son
28 ? 1753 named in will
William Ker
28 ? 1753 Trustee

83 William Ker Farmer of Newcastle
2Jan 1747 witness to memorial of David Charters of
Mullaghboy/Enniskeen Co Meath

489 William Ker
11 sept 1772 Witness to John Magill Dublin perukemaker

197 Letitia Ker married to John
18Nov 1756 Witness to James Johnsons will
John Kerr married to Letitia
18Nov 1757 Witness to James Johnsons will

6 Hugh Ker brother in law Dublin Merchant
19Aug 1746 witness to John Howison Dublin Gent
Hannah Ker nee Howison sister of John
19Aug 1747 witness to John Howison Dublin Gent

610 Sarah Karr nee Jackson daughter
1Dec 1779 named in will of William Jackson of Co Kildare

670 Arthur Carr of Ballaghhenry Co Down
26Nov 1782 his will
Arthur Carr his son
26Nov 1782 witness
william Carr his brother
26Nov 1782 executor
margaret Carr daughter
26Nov 1782 named in will
elizabeth Carr daughter
26Nov 1782 named in will
Mary Carr his wife nee gibbons
26Nov 1782 named in will
Nicholas Carr his father
26Nov 1782 executor

31 George Carr of stonehouse Co. Waterford Gent

20May 1782 his will
Thomas Carr his son
20May 1782 named in will

551 George Carr of Dublin
3June 1772 named in will of Richard Beauchamp Co. Kildare

297 John Carr Tenant in town of
2feb 1753 Thomas Jessop's will
Jeremiah Carr Tenant in town of
2feb 1753 Thomas Jessop's will

411 Michael Carr Templeogue/Co Dublin
July27 1761 witness to Sir Compton Domville's will

614 Philip Carr deceased
3June 1779 named in Edward Cusack's will
Rev Dr Carr Debtor to Edward
3June 1779 named in Edward Cusack's will

273 Thomas Carr clerk
28 Jan 1761 Robert Wily of Co Kildare

Registry of Deeds Abstract of Wills Vol 1 1708-45

Vol 3 1785-1832

Entry First Name Last Name Description of the Kerr
person Date Action

516 Lady Charlotte Kerr
26Aug 1819 in will of adam hunter of Balymagarry Co Antrim

70 Isabella Kerr mrs Agar/grand-daughter
21 Dec 1787 Strabane/ Co Tyrone
29 John Kerr Gent of Taunaghmore co Antrim
5feb 1788 executor of JohnMcCulloch

157 Jno Kerr Gent of Taunaghmore/ Drummuel co
12Mar 1792 owen kennedy's will

369 David Kerr of Cork
Rev John Smith's will

Dromore Wills 1768-1858 Vol4 Index to Irish Wills

First Name Last Name Description of the Kerr person
Archibald Ker
Ballymccormick 1825
Henry Ker
Gransha 1848
James Ker
Gavaghy 1720
John Ker
Killeny 1730
Josiah Ker/Kerr
liverpool 1833

Adam Kerr
Ballysallagh 1802
Agnes Kerr
Ballydowgan 1730
Hamilton Kerr
4mile house/ Donaghmore 1824
Henry Kerr
Drimnascamph 1754
Hugh Kerr
mullaghfarnaghan 1800
Hugh Kerr
lurganbane 1849
James Kerr
anaghconnan 1772
James Kerr
Gransha 1816
James Kerr
lurganbann 1827
James Kerr
lurganbann 1829
James Kerr
lurganbaun 1841
James Kerr
drumancloney 1856
John Kerr
bellydoogin 1764

Armagh Wills 1768-1858 Vol4 Index to Irish Wills

First Name Last Name Description of the Kerr person

John Kerr
tullygally shankill 1812
John Kerr
ballysallagh 1826
joesph Kerr/Keer
drumahadone antrim 1817
margaret Kerr
lurganbann shankill Armagh 1825
mark Kerr
annochmecownan shankill armagh 1719
mary Kerr
aghalee/co antrim 1844
matthew Kerr
lurganbann 1842
richard Kerr
ballynamoney seagoe 1805
robert Kerr
ballysallagh 1847
samuel Kerr
anaghmecounan 1790
william Kerr
lurgan Armagh 1846
william Kerr
banbridge 1847

James Karr
quilly dromore 1768-9
John Karr
drumlough 1790
Nancy Karr nee mor
ballysallagh 1820
john Karr
anoughmccounan 1746-7

catherine Carr
lesize 1818
hugh Carr
gransha 1727
mary Carr/Keer nee bryan
James Carr
ballynahinch 1828
richard Carr
cloughscelt 1795
rosey Carr
drumanagoon 1825
thomas Carr
dromore 1828
william Carr
tullygally shankill co armagh 1820

Raphoe Wills 1684-1858 Vol5 Index to Irish Wills

First Name Last Name Description of the Kerr
person Date

matthew kerr
moyle 1845
john kerr
portline 1716

Derry Wills 1684-1858 Vol5 Index to Irish Wills

First Name Last Name Description of the Kerr
person Date

Daniel Kerr
castletoothery killowea 1803
Grizell Kerr widow
londonderry city 1717
James Kerr
dunboe 1672
James Kerr/carr
ardstraw 1766
James Kerr
crigadick maghera 1803
John Kerr
urbelreagh ardstraw 1753
John Kerr
aughasesy 1785
John Kerr
aughasesy 1811
John Kerr
ballindrate 1844
Marion Kerr
londonderry 1670
Owen Kerr
drinowen lower longfield 1813
Patrick Kerr
stranameagh ardstraw 1779
Patrick Kerr
milltown 1849
Robert Kerr
stanameagh ardstraw 1753
Robert Kerr
drimaony donagheady 1828
Thomas Kerr
rabride 1726
Thomas Kerr
carnkenny/ardstraw 1767
william Kerr
tanlaghtfinlagan moyse 1833
william Kerr
tanlaghtfinlagan moyse 1834

john Ker mariner
londonderry city 1670
Ninian Ker
dardries dunboe 1717

Cork & Ross Wills 1548-1800 Vol 2
Index to Irish Wills -Thrift

First Name Last Name Description of the Kerr person Date

robert kerr
cork 1796

Newry & Mourne wills 1727-1858

John Kerr
formerly of rostrevor & carrickhill Belfast 1850

Vicars Index to Perogative wills of Ireland 1536-1810

First Name Last Name Description of the Kerr
person Date

andrew Kerr
Newcastle co meath Gent 1725
andrew Kerr
Portrave/co. monaghan ESQ 1753
anna h Kerr
linenhall st. Dublin 1810
david Kerr
catetallon st london
merchant 1779
elizabeth Kerr
widow of thimas kerr
Waterford seedsman 1768
esther Kerr
Cpt George Kerr
of the East India Company Army 1771
hanna Kerr dublin widow 1794
henry Kerr 1793
hugh Kerr dublin baker 1749
james Kerr
tullydraw co tyrone
surgeon 1749
john Kerr
st james middlesex 1720
Hon. John Kerr
lord john kerr 1728
john Kerr dublin gent 1748
john Kerr
martinstown county west meath gent 1759
margory Kerr
summerhill dublin widow 1800
mary Kerr
widow cork city 1804
robert Kerr
ballyaghrane county
londonderry gent 1679
robert Kerr newry
co down merchant 1792
william Kerr
ballymena co antrim merchant 1756
alexander Ker
dublin glazier 1723
andrew Ker ESQ
portatrave co. monaghan 1767
elizabeth Ker
widow 1723
hugh Ker
dublin merchant 1781
john Ker
summerhill dub 1797
margaret ker
flowerfield co londonderry widow 1798
margaret Ker
dublin spinster 1797
Lt col peter Ker
of a dragoon regt 1744
william Ker
newcastle co meath 1781
Lt John Karr
belturbet Co cavan 1767



Subject: kerrs in Ireland
Date: Wed, 31 Jan 2001 11:27:05 -0000
From: David Kerr <>

Good Morning

I was browsing in the National Library in Dublin last
night and found these Kerrs which might help someone

Registers of Derry Cathedral (St Columbs/ Parish of Templemore/
Londonderry) 1642-1703

Adam Kerr son of James Ker mariner & Magrett Ker buried 28may1861
James kerr son of james kerr buried 4aug 1681 pages 250& 251
Jane kerr married William dulce june18 1663 page 139
John ker married Margaret fenny 28mar 1665 page 141
John ker -gossip? At baptism june 1663 page 153
John ker son of Thomas ker baptised 26may 1665 page 161
John kerr married mary mccala 21aug1683 page 269
Robert son of john ker & mary ker baptised 13june 1686 page 296
Mary ker widow buried 1jan1686 page 301
Katherine ker buried 24june 1685 page 288
Martha daughter of john ker & mary ker baptised 23nov 1699 page 352
William ker clark of the parish of glendenmond married
margret miler 21oct 1679 page 241
Margret daughter of margrett kerr (nee millar) &
William kerr buried 29nov 1679 page 242
William ker clark was the minister at several weddings
30july 1682 page 259
10may 1684 page 277
9july 1685 page 288
23june 1687 page 304
& a baptism on 24june 1680 page 372

Commoners of Great Britian & Ireland 1836 Vol1 Burke

George Ker page437
John Kerr ESQ Page112
catherine kerr page298
Hon William Kerr page298
Katherine Kerr page326 sister of Mark Kerr 1st earl of lothian
John Kerr page366

Ker of leintwardine-Burkes landed gentry page 424

Burkes Irish family records page 670
this book contaions more detailed notes of this Kerr family from
i have deliberately left out the dates of living people to ensure their
rights of privacy. however all this material is published in the above
book in the public domain.

Edward Kerr of Carrick & legg Co. Fermanagh
owned lands in Largylinny
married Catherine Faussett
1)John Kerr of the croagh/Enniskillen b24jan1820
1st wife married 17june 1851 Sarah rogers
2nd wife married 30 apr 1872 jane mary wilkin

Jane mary's wilkins children with john kerr of the croagh
a)Edward david MBE m ellen hughes m 24mar 1909
i) john kerr
ii)ellen mary gratton kerr
b)catherine mary d 17mar 1890

Sarah Rogers children with John kerr of the croagh
2)Maria m12june 1862 d30oct 1916 aged 85
3)Mary Jane kerr
4)Anne b1819 d1917
5)Jane d26June 1911
6)Catherine m 18June 1861
7)Elizabeth d21Dec1907
8) Robert Kerr of Carrick d7sept 1909
married Catherine daughter of John Faussett-his 1st cousin
8july1848 in derryvullen
1)Anne Jane b3apr 1859
2)elizabeth b 24july 1852
3)maria jane b 12june 1854
4)Edward Kerr of Drumbadeen JP d28sept 1932
m31dec1879 ellen graham in derryvullan
5)sarah ann b11may1862 catherine b 17oct1850,
m12may1887 william kerr of Beagh Fermanagh
6)mary anne
7)rebecca b3mar 1869 moved to USA
8)John Faussett Kerr of carrick & derrygonelly b 6nov 1856
m11jan 1911 elizabeth eleanor acheson
1)william george kerr
2)florence isabella
4)iris maud
5)selena gleadys
Robert John Kerr MBE RUC Detective Inspector b 1911 m anne mary weir
1)Nigel victor kerr m kathleen margaret montgomery
catherine rachel kerr
2)Aubrey Robert Faucett Kerrm Patricia Margaret scott
George mark mannion kerr
peter john aubrey kerr
nicole michelle joanne kerr

some kerr nobility (living in the mainland of the UK- not ireland)
listed in
Whos' Who
Burke's peerage & de Brett's publications
Extinct Peerage

earls Ker of wakefield p305

Ker of cessford & cavertown
barony Ker created 1616
earldom of Roxburgh
dukedom of Roxburgh created 1707

Kerr of Nisbet Langnewtown & dolphinstoun
Baron 1633
earl of ancrum

Ker of newbottle Oxnam, jedburgh, dolphinstoun & nisbit
barony 1701

marquis of lothian

ker of wakefiled & york
ker of kershaugh co roxburgh barony 1821

robert kerr duke of roxburgh 1740s

baron ker earl of wakefiled co York(england) d1755
john ker 3rd duke 2nd earl ker, knight of the garter & thistle,
groom of the stole d19mar 1804
earldom of Ker expired 1804
robert ker - no issue

David John Kerr

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