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Subject: Visiting Books compiled by Rev William Bredin 1847-1851
Date: Sat, 12 May 2001 09:47:37 EDT

William was the son of a prosperous yarn merchant Edward Bredin and his wife
Hall and was ordained in 1840. He moved with his wife and family to the newly
created parish [created out of Galoon Parish in 1840] and the new church was
consecrated in 4th July 1843, where he started his own census recorded in his
visiting books.
These Books are deposited with PRONI under the reference number D2098.
His records show the Head of House, ages and people living there and it can
only be assumed he started his books as a prelude to the forthcoming 1850/51
which of course was patchy because of the Famine.The following is an extract
from that census for the COLLNASHILLAGH

John Forster 54 Bessy 24 Catherine sister 40 Eliza sister 30

Robert Forster 38 Alice 40 John 15 William 13 Robert 10 Joseph 3 Bessy 7

George Downey 56 Mary Ann 38 Andrew 15 William 11 Prudence 16 Eliza Jane 12
Maria 8 Mary Jane 2


Thomas Beggan 45 Catherine 36 Thomas 10

John McDonnell 55 Anne 50 John 24 Pat 21 Ellen 21 Anne 16

The following catholics were not included in the full census
Owen Beggan Bernard Tierney Thomas Carroll Ann Cassidy Pat Lenehan Mary
McNeely Margaret McDowell John Keon P Mc Corry
All Catholics and if anyone is interested I have theri details from the census


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