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From: Genibug <>
Subject: Re: South Carolina FIELDS
Date: Fri, 11 Oct 2002 07:20:24 -0700 (PDT)
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Michelle and all,

SC seems to be a dead end for me in regards to my FIELDS family who
came from there to KY. So here's goes some of the info. on them in
hopes it fits in w/ the info. someone else has. If not, please keep me
in mind for any connections you may make in the future.

MAJOR F. FIELDS, b-1813/1814,SC (my 2G-G.father) & his brother ROBERT
FIELDS, b- abt.1809,SC came to the Jackson Purchase area of western KY
(western most part) abt. 1829 as far as I can tell. As far as we can
tell, Major is a name & not a military rank in this instance. Anyway,
both men are on the 1830 census for Hickman Co, KY as single. Soon,
however, the county marriage records have Robert mar. to Sarah GARDINER
in 1831 & Major mar. Nancy LINDER in 1836. Both men farmed the same
adjacent land for 30 or so years. On the 1850 & 1860 census each man
states that he was born in South Carolina...but unfortunately, no
parents names are given or family Bibles are to be found that state
this. No DC can be found on either of them, as they died before 1900,
which might state a parent name.

At one time I ferretted out the name of a Revolutionary war soldier
Major FIELDS in s.w. VA, Washington Co. Trying to put this Major
FIELDS w/ mine has not yielded any real proof that the two were
related...just that the names were the same. Lee FIELDS was kind enough
to drop by & take a few pix of the graves there @ the Mt. Zion cemetery
on his journey elsewhere. The book "High On A Windy Hill" has some
info. on this VA Major FIELDS & his wife Sarah "Sally" WILDER...but
that's where the trail ends for me.

If there anyone who might make a connection between SC & KY and a MAJOR
FIELDS I'd be most appreciative of a lead..and am willing to share what
I have as well. I'm very interested in the SC FIELDS who may have been
of Native American heritage too.

Kind Regards, Martha

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> From: Patricia A Willard <>
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> Subject: Raymond Fields
> Does anyone have dates for Raymond Fields and his wife, Bertha McCoy?
> They had one daughter, Frankie Cornelius Fields, in 1922. He died
> in
> about 1930; she died about 1934.
> They lived in Lexington KY. There was one other Fields: a sister to
> Raymond, as best I can tell. She was named either Patricia or
> Anne, and died in about 1934.
> I'm sporry there isn't any more, but that's I have right now.
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> Patricia A. Willard
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> Date: Thu, 10 Oct 2002 10:45:16 EDT
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> Subject: South Caroina Fields
> I am looking for any information on any Fields family member in South
> Carolina. ANY information is greatly appreciated.
> Thanks,
> Michelle
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> Date: Thu, 10 Oct 2002 18:03:01 EDT
> From:
> To:
> Subject: SC Fields
> Thanks to all that have responded. I am looking for information on
> any
> Fields family from any area of South Carolina for a reason. The main
> reasons
> are: 1) I am trying to find my Fields family, and 2) I am trying to
> find out
> where these families came from.
> My Fields family had a reunion last June at Sunny Baptist Church in
> Neeses,
> SC. My grandfather's name is Freddie Fields. His brothers are
> (Rev.) Warren
> Fields, Tommy Fields and John Fields. Any information on my family
> is great
> because I can't get past my ggggrandfather - John Fields and Harriet
> Darby.
> My genealogy has been taken from me and I am currently waiting for
> some
> allegations to be remedied so I can take action to get my
> documentation back.
> Meanwhile, I am trying to regroup some of what has been taken as
> well as
> order new copies of some of the documentation that was stolen.
> Hopefully I
> will get it all back soon because there were alot of items that I
> received
> from family that can't be replaced.
> Thanks so much to all on this list for all of your help. I am
> focusing on SC
> at the moment, but I know some family goes in NC and GA. I will
> focus on
> them later I guess.
> I am also interested in those SC Fields families that are of Native
> American
> descent. I am currently organizing a group to focus just on the
> Native
> American lines of the Fields families.
> All information is appreciated. It doesn't necessarily have to be
> specific
> to my family.
> Thanks again,
> Michelle

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