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From: "Jan Hardee" <>
Subject: [FISHER-BARREN-KY-L] Desendents of William Fisher-Part 1
Date: Wed, 17 Mar 1999 09:34:47 -1100

I have started a main database of our FISHER family. This will be placed
on our website as soon as it is up and running. [Soon, I promise] To
date we have a little over 1400 entries. This will be sent over several
posts, due to the large size. If you have not already submitted your
line, you can send it to me [privately] and I will add it.
List entries contain:
Generation number, name, Individual number, Date of birth, Date and
place of death [if known].
Following is the list of the descendents of William Fisher, who is our
oldest Known ancestor. I will be updating the list from time to time.
Descendant Chart for William Fisher-[1324]
1-William Fisher-[1324] b: Est 1730, d: 1794, Halifax County, Virginia
2-David Fisher-[1468]
2-Anna Fisher-[1379]
SP:Andrew McGinnis-[1381] b: Bef 1760, Virginia
3-William McGinnis-[1469] b: 4 Jul 1783, Halifax County, Virginia
4-William McGinnis II-[1470]
5-James McGinnis-[1471]
sp:Anna Francis-[1472]
6-William McGinnis-[1473]
3-Rebecca McGinnis-[1383]
sp:Asa Cook-[1384]
4-Virginia Frances Cook-[1385]
sp:James McGinnis-[1386]
5-Susan Elizabeth McGinnis-[1387]
2-William Fisher-[1117] b: 1750, Virginia
3-Jinsey Fisher-[1118] b: 1768-1772, Virginia
sp:James Rhea-[1312] d: 11 Jun 1807, Halifax County, Virginia
4-Charles Rhea-[1313]
sp:Susannah Chambers-[1314]
5-William Rhea-[1315]
5-Sion Rhea-[1316]
5-Mary Rhea-[1317]
5-John Rhea-[1318]
5-James Rhea-[1319]
2-John Fisher-[868] b: 6 Feb 1758, Lunenburg County, Virginia, d:
After 1840, Barren County Kentucky
3-John Fisher-[867] b: Est 1780, Lunenburg County, Virginia
4-John Fisher-[73] b: 1804, Barren County Kentucky, d: 1872,
Dallas County, TX
sp:Margaret Barbour-[294] b: Abt 1810, Kentucky, d: 1851, Polk
County Missouri
5-Elizabeth H. Fisher-[1343]
sp:John D Rupard-[1344]
5-Sarah J Fisher-[295] b: 1831, Kentucky
sp:William J. Rupard-[266]
sp:George W Dooley-[116]
5-Thomas Barbour Fisher-[296] b: 24 Dec 1833, Barren County
Kentucky, d: 26 Mar 1897, Dallas Co, TX
sp:Mary Ellen Murray-[1345]
6-John Russell Fisher-[1347] b: 1 Jun 1859, Polk County
sp:Molly Rupard-[1348]
6-Elizabeth Fisher-[1349] b: 13 Oct 1860, Polk County
sp:J. H. McCommas-[1350]
6-Thomas Murray Fisher-[1351] b: 13 Jun 1866, Dallas Co,
sp:E. Rodney-[1352]
7-Tom Barbour Fisher-[1353]
7-Rupert Fisher-[1354]
6-Robertson W. Fisher-[1355] b: 3 Feb 1868, Dallas Co,
TX, d: 1886, Dallas Co, TX
6-Florence Albany Fisher-[1356] b: 8 Feb 1874, Dallas Co,
sp:Dick Winfrey-[1357]
6-Perry Jackman Fisher-[1358] b: 8 Aug 1881, Dallas Co,
TX, d: 6 Nov 1914
5-Robert H. Fisher-[297] b: 14 Nov 1836, Barren County
Kentucky, d: 14 Jun 1895, Dallas Co, TX
sp:Elizabeth Inglis-[1359] b: 12 Aug 1843, Hickory County
Missouri, d: 26 May 1897, Dallas Co, TX
6-John E. Fisher-[1362]
6-Margaret Fisher-[1363]
6-Edna Fisher-[1364]
sp:Kenneth Foree-[1365]
6-Thomas Fisher-[1366]
6-Wade Hampton Fisher-[1367]
6-Omer Fisher-[1368]
5-Mary Ann Fisher-[299] b: 1838, Kentucky, d: , Johnston
County Oklahoma
sp:Rueben T. Hogg-[267] b: 1839, Barren County, Kentucky, d:
1931, Coleman, Johnston County, Oklahoma
6-Lewis Wisdom Hogg-[738] b: 29 Jan 1859, Polk County
sp:Mary Jane Dobbs-[739] b: 15 Jul 1863
7-Charles L. Hogg-[740] b: 2 May 1881
7-Joseph W. Hogg-[741] b: 8 Aug 1882
6-John B. Hogg Sr-[795] b: Aug 1866, Dallas Co., TX
7-John B. Hogg Jr.-[796] b: 1914, Curry County, N.M.
5-Isaac Fisher-[1369]
sp:Caroline Beeman-[1370]
5-Jennie Fisher-[1395]
sp:John Fisher-[1396]
5-Christopher Fisher-[1374]
sp:Margaret Hunnicutt-[1375]
sp:Paralee Rupard-[851]
5-William Erasmus Fisher-[1397]
sp:Fannie Martin-[1398]
6-P. F. Fisher-[1498] b: , Dallas Co, TX
6-W. H. Fisher-[1499] b: , Dallas Co, TX
6-Charles J. Fisher-[1500] b: , Dallas Co, TX
6-Unk. Fisher-[1501] b: , Dallas Co, TX
sp:V. L. Barnes-[1502]
6-Unk. Fisher-[1503] b: , Dallas Co, TX
sp:L. L. Webb-[1504]
6-Unk. Fisher-[1505] b: , Dallas Co, TX
sp:Frank Willman-[1506]
6-Unk Fisher-[1507] b: , Dallas Co, TX
sp:J. T. Johnson-[1508]
5-Isabella Fisher-[1399]
sp:John C. Ward-[1400]
5-Silas Fisher-[1401]
5-Paralee Fisher-[1403]
sp:A.B. Kirk-[1404]
4-James Fisher-[1333]
4-Jeff Thomas Jefferson Fisher-[1334] b: 7 Apr 1817, Barren
County Kentucky, d: 25 Oct 1885, Polk County Missouri
sp:Eliza Jane Harrison-[1335] b: 22 Nov 1818, Kentucky, d: 9
Aug 1898, Polk County Missouri
-END part1-
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