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Subject: [FISHER] Re: William G. FISHER d. 1 April 1895 - Kansas City, MO
Date: 11 Dec 2002 19:04:31 -0700

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I don't seem to have your Thaddeus Fisher, but he are a few things I found.
he's in the 1820 census as Thadeus Fisher in Paoli, Orange County, IN
also in the 1830 Census as Thaddeus Fisher
and there is a possiblity his son was a Thaddeus, he is what I found:
Thadeus Emanuel Fisher found in:

Georgia, 1851-1900 Marriage Index
Gender: Male
Spouse: Mary Josephine Smith
Marriage Date: May 03, 1866
County: Chatham
More About: This record can be found at the County Court Records, Film # 0159036 - 0159040 & 0183855 - 0183869
Thadeus Fisher found in:

Census Microfilm Records: Florida, 1870
Thadeus E. Fisher found in:

Census Microfilm Records: Pennsylvania, 1900
Lived in: Peters Township, Franklin County, Pennsylvania
Series: T623 Microfilm: 1413 Book: 1 Page: 139

Thadeus Fisher found in World Family Tree Volume 10, Tree 2989
Date: Private
This World Family Tree features these surnames and locations: Nix, Halla, Hoburg, Peterson, Taylor, Lyksett, Johnson, Rockman; and GA, WI, CO, Norway, SD, CT, MN, NC.

Thadeus Fisher
Orange Peelings Queries
Orange County, IN ca. 1812. Thadeus FISHER was born in VA and married Sally\n
Frances "Frankey" and Thadeus FISHER? The LDS Ancestral Files\n (sorry the page was removed) but left this hint.

Thaddeus Fisher found in:

Census Microfilm Records: Virginia, 1900
Lived in: 1 Ward Norfolk, Norfolk County, Virginia
Series: T623 Microfilm: 1735 Book: 2 Page: 110

Thaddeus Fisher found in World Family Tree Volume 21, Tree 1416
General location: VA, ... Date: 1750-1849

Thaddeus Jason Fisher found in World Family Tree Volume 3, Tree 4235

Thaddeus Clark Fisher found in World Family Tree Volume 5, Tree 692
General location: Unknown Date: 1850-1949

Now this listed below seems to match your Thaddeus and it shows Sally as a (Sarah) Stine
JAMES3 LOCK (THOMAS2, THOMAS1)14,15 was born January 21, 1812 in Lincoln, KY15, and died December 20, 1879 in Liberty Twp, Marion County, IA15. He married MARIAH FISHER15 July 01, 1832 in Orleans Twp, Orange County, IN16,17, daughter of THADDEUS FISHER and SARAH STINE.

Notes for JAMES LOCK:

James and Mariah Lock(e) settled in Marion County, Iowa 5/20/1849 according to an old Locke family Bible.

More About JAMES LOCK:
Burial: Bridges Cemetery, Near Attica, Marion, IA18,19


"Farewell my Husband and Children all, from you a Mother Christ doth call, Mourn not for me it is in vain, To call me too your sight again." Inscription on gravestone of Mariah Lock recorded by Cecelia Mesecher

Burial: Bridges Cemetery, Near Attica, Marion, IA20,21

4. i. WILLIAM MARION4 LOCKE, b. May 16, 1833, Orange County, IN; d. December 18, 1910, Sunnyside, Yakima County, WA.
If you will send me your personal email I will send you the web site this is located above.

Name Birth date Birth location Death date Spouse
George W. Stamm June 24, 1857 Lockridge, Jefferson IA January 02, 1860
George Westley Stamm May 21, 1858 Lockridge, Jefferson IA
John Fry Stamm March 27, 1847 Holmes Co. Ohio (per 1860 census b. Iowa)
Nancy Stamm January 18, 1844 Jefferson Co. OH November 16, 1906 Ferree, John C.
Robert Stamm June 15, 1840 Holmes Co. OH Hopkirk, Anna
Sarah Jane Stamm February 06, 1865 Jefferson Co. IA
Lucy States September 06, 1866 Marysville, Iowa WFT Est. 1907-1961 Davis, Arthur R.
Sarah A. Stine Fisher, Thaddeus
Carl Stoner Cornish, Mamie Cora
Lois Delight Streeter July 19, 1852 OH March 26, 1893 Locke, Jesse Stephens
William Taylor Archibald, Elizabeth
Elizabeth Thorp Davis, Elisha W
Jacob Toenessen December 05, 1911 July 1973
June Toennessen June 18, 1925 December 20, 1992
Olene Marie Tonnesdatter Abt. 1780 Res: 1801 Lister, Vandsoe, Helvig farm
Frederick Tonnesen January 28, 1893 October 1968
Bonnie Tonneson August 15, 1923 December 1986
Caroline Tonneson November 11, 1899 September 1985
Emma Tonneson April 08, 1885 October 1978
Amalie Tonnessen
Angelow Tonnessen
Arlo Tonnessen
Bjarne Tonnessen August 08, 1891 Bottineau, ND April 04, 1906
Borghild Constance Tonnessen March 07, 1897 Manistique, MI June 09, 1982 Akers, Thomas
Christopher Anthony Tonnessen January 20, 1981 Bremerton, Kitsap, WA
Clair Tonnessen
Conrad Andrew Tonnessen April 21, 1905 Towner, McHenry, ND. May 05, 1987 Paige, Lavinia Belle
Darren Tonnessen
David Alvin Tonnessen August 20, 1962 Winslow, Kitsap, WA.
Dogfin Tonnessen
Donald Franklin (Simons) Tonnessen June 27, 1954 Kingston, Ontario, Canada Burns, Robin
Doris Tonnessen
Dorothy Grace Tonnessen February 03, 1925 Denbigh , McHenry, ND. Richter, Daniel F.
Elesebert Tonnessen Vandis ?NORW
Elizabeth Catherine Tonnessen March 21, 1820 Lista, Vanse, Norway
Elsie Tonnessen Abt. 1869 Farsund , Vest Adger. NORW Cleveland, Chris T
Esther Bernice Tonnessen April 26, 1909 Denbigh, ND Puntine, Francis A
Gerald Lee Tonnessen December 08, 1942 Rugby, Pierce, ND. Lee, Margaret
Harry Oscar Tonnessen June 25, 1919 Denbigh, McHenry, ND. (-), Verginia
Jason Tonnessen
Jorgine Tonnessen December 17, 1864 Farsund, Vest-Adgar, NORW Tonnessen, Theodore Herman
Kara Tonnessen August 20, 1978 Bremerton, Kitsap, WA
Karen Kay Tonnessen
Karl Tonnessen
Katinka Marie Tonnessen September 29, 1862 Farsund, Vest-Adger, NORW
Kenneth Everett Tonnessen August 03, 1931 Denbigh, ND. Luek, Mary Kay
Konrad Tonnessen June 02, 1860 Farsund, Vest-Ager, NORW Jorkelson, Anna
Kristoffer Tonnessen October 28, 1823 Lista, Vanse, Norway January 16, 1899 Dahl, Karen Bertina Malene
Laura Dee Tonnessen October 17, 1990 Tacoma, Pierce, WA
Leona Mae Tonnessen February 02, 1935 Granville, McHenry, ND. Burke, Jack
Name Birth date Birth location Death date Spouse
Jessie B. Ferree Abt. 1872 Liberty Township, Jefferson Co. Iowa
John C. Ferree July 23, 1847 Fayette Co. PA March 03, 1906 Stamm, Nancy
John F. Ferree Abt. 1880 Lockridge Township, Jefferson Co. Iowa
Laura A. Ferree Abt. 1843
Ora O. Ferree October 06, 1881 Lockridge Township, Jefferson Co. Iowa (possible b:1883) March 13, 1942
Rowena Ferree Abt. 1874 Lockridge Township, Jefferson Co. Iowa Hall, John R.
Sarah A. Ferree Abt. 1857 Lockridge Township, Jerrerson Co. Iowa
William E. Ferree Abt. 1869 Liberty Township, Iowa (possible B. 1869) Abt. 1936
William F. Ferree Abt. 1847
Mariah Fisher November 23, 1809 Lincoln, KY July 02, 1872 Locke, James D.
Thaddeus Fisher Stine, Sarah A.
Christena Delaney Flanegan Haga, James Meredith
Alma Harriet Furgison November 15, 1909 Maryville, Iowa June 26, 1995 Adey, Clarence Dudley
Generation No. 1

1. THOMAS1 LOCK1. He married ELIZABETH?1.

Notes for ELIZABETH?:

See will information under Polly.

2. i. THOMAS2 LOCK, b. Lincoln, KY or England; d. September 14, 1821, Orange County, IN.
Descendants of Thomas Lock

Generation No. 2

2. THOMAS2 LOCK (THOMAS1)2,3 was born in Lincoln, KY or England4,5, and died September 14, 1821 in Orange County, IN5. He married MARY ELIZABETH PULLEN6,7 January 11, 1809 in Lincoln, KY8,9, daughter of UNKNOWN PULLEN and MARGARET.

Notes for THOMAS LOCK:

In the 1820 Federal census of Orange County, Indiana, Thomas is shown as being in agriculture. Thomas and Mary are shown as having 4 boys under 10 years old, and 1 daughter under 10. Thomas is listed as from 26 to 44 years, as is Mary. There is also a female older than 45 years of age in the household. They MAY have moved to Orange County in 1820, or shortly before, and Thomas then died after about a year.

While Thomas and Mary (Pullen) married in Kentucky in 1809, by 1850 there were no Locks in Lincoln County.

says Thomas could have been born in England. And that one of their sons was named Jessie (that's how she spelled it). Joni is a descendent of Jesse Locke, and so this is a family tradition. See also her notes on his wife.

The birth information for Thomas in KY may be traced to Rose Gibson in Spokane, WA (who may be the master source for
several of the trees published elsewhere). Dean Mohr got the information from her. He noted the information was sketchy and not verified with corroborating evidence.

Burial: Fisher-Locke Cemetery, Orange County10,11


By 1830 Thomas Lock was dead. Mary, age 30 to 40, is listed as living with 1 daughter (age 10 to 15), 2 sons ages less than 5, and an older male 20 to 30. An older female is also in the household age 60 to 70, who may be Margaret her mother.

says her records show Mary's name was Mary Elizabeth Puline or Poline and was born in Ireland. I added the middle name Elizabeth based on her input pending confirmation of the last name. Joni is a direct descendent of Jesse, one of their children.

The birth information in VA for Mary may be traced to Rose Gibson in Spokane, WA (who may be the master source for
several of the trees published elsewhere). Dean Mohr got the information from her. He noted the information was sketchy and not verified with corroborating evidence.

Burial: Fisher-Locke Cemetery, Orange County12,13

Marriage Notes for THOMAS LOCK and MARY PULLEN:

The date I have from Larry Hoefling (), who maintains the Lincoln County, KY information, is 1-9-1809.

3. i. JAMES3 LOCK, b. January 21, 1812, Lincoln, KY; d. December 20, 1879, Liberty Twp, Marion County, IA.

This is all I could find on a quick basis. Do you know what town in PA he was from? and possibly his mothers name?

The Stine Famiy is definitly from PA!
ID: I294
Name: Sally STINE
Sex: F
Birth: ABT 1787 in Lincoln County, Ky
Change Date: 20 JUN 1999

Father: Jacob STINE b: ABT 1765
Mother: Sally b: ABT 1765

Marriage 1 Thaddeous FISHER
Married: FEB 1809 in Lincoln County, Ky

ID: I295
Name: Thaddeous FISHER
Sex: M
Change Date: 20 JUN 1999

Marriage 1 Sally STINE b: ABT 1787 in Lincoln County, Ky
Married: FEB 1809 in Lincoln County, Ky

this is all I could find based on what you told me...usgenweb is down for now, you can check orange county for more infor there.

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