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Date: Sun, 4 Jun 2000 18:36:39 EDT

Good to hear from you. What information do you have that indicates that
Anne & Thomas were twins? This is what I have on the subject:
1. A typed mini-geneology "Family record" by John J. Maitland prob. circa
1890. (He says "Thomas, born in Ireland, 1741"... he gives no birth date for
"Ann", however somebody at a later date wrote in "1741" (which would suggest
they are twins).
2. The Parish registers from Inch Co., Wexford in Ireland show a Thomas
Fitzsimons, son of Anthony and ........., Ballykilty baptized 11 October
1741. It has no record of Anne and later on (7 February 1753) it shows a
baptism for Sarah Fitzsimons, dau of Anthony and Jane, Ballikilty. There are
many gaps in the records, however what is available suggest that Anne was not
baptized at/near the time of Thomas.
3. List of passengers on board the PRUDENCE, of Philadelphia, sworn at
Dublin, 9 March 1804, shows Ann Maitland (56), child (7), Mary Ann Maitland
(19) and Thos. Maitland (22) all sailed from Baltinglass to Philadelphia. (if
the ages listed here are accurate, Anne would have been born about 1748).
4. Chart by my aunt (now dead), who was the genealogist from her generation
which shows Anne being born in 1748 (don't know the source of date).

Sure would like to resolve that discrepancy.

In regard to some of your other questions:
>From source #1 above J.J. Maitland writes:
"Ann Fitz-Simons, born in Ireland. Died in Philadelphia, May 5th, 1811;
buried in St. Mary's R.C. burial ground. She married Peter Maitland...She had
four brothers, viz.:
Thomas, John, Andrew and Nicholas.
Thomas, born in Ireland, 1741. Died in Philadelphia, August 26th, 1811;
buried in St. Mary's R.C. burial ground...He married Catherine Mead, great
aunt of the late General George Gordon Meade, hero of Gettysburg,........They
had no issue.
John, born in Ireland, 1746. Died in Philadelphia, 1795; burial place
unknown. Unmarried. He was an officer in the Pennsylvania State Navy.
Andrew, birth and death unknown. He settled in Charleston, S.C.; was married
and had issue, but nothing further known of him (somebody at a later date
wrote in "m. 10/30/1765 - Ann Rearden" settled in Charleston "by 1787"
Nicholas, born 1732, In Ireland. Died in Philadelphia, 1784. Nothing further
known of him.

Hope this helps, sorry I have no further information to help out with your
other questions below..

Looking forward to hearing from you regarding the Anne/Thomas twins issue.

Jim Holt
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Dear Jim,

Thank you so much for sending the data regarding Anne Fitzsimons & her
family. I have been trying to find out more about that particular family,
with the hopes that it is related to my ancestry. Did you know that Anne and
Thomas FitzS-- were twins?

I have an ancestor, Mary, that is "illegitimately" descended from a Thomas
Fitzsimons in the late 1700s. Mary was born in Charleston, SC, c1770-1785).

Do you know how I find out the descendants of Nicholas, John, Sarah and
Andrew? Or did Thomas Fitzsimons and Catherine Meade have children? I found
sources that said they did not have children.

I know that there was a land deed that a Christopher Fitzsimons, Esq.
transferred spelling out the relationship of Mary to her father Thomas, but I
don't know where Christopher fits in, other than he descended to a wealthy
Charleston plantation family.

Since Thomas Fitzsimons was a merchant who traveled to the West Indies and
would have also gone to Charleston, I am hoping that the two families (also
merchants) were related some how. Mary's sons were educated in Philadelphia,
which is where the Fitzsimons family lived.

I am also looking for a Mary Ellis who was the person who left some family
land to "Mary Fitzsimons". Have you ever come across that name in
relationship to the family? Perhaps Mary was a Fitzsimons who married an

Thanks much!

Mary Harrell >>

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