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From: "Dan Flanagan" <>
Subject: [FLANAGAN] Bridget Flanagan
Date: Fri, 14 Jul 2000 00:51:54 -0500

I am new to the list. My great grandmother was Bridgett Flanagan from
Miltown Malby County Clare Ireland. I am also researching Hurley her
husband whose name was John.


(response from Dan Flanagan, Austin, Texas)
Dear Barbara:

I have a Bridget Flanagan in my family tree. Actually, I have three of

The first Bridget Flanagan:
I show that Christopher Flanagan married Hanora McDonagh.

I know nothing about the parents of either of these two, that is to say, I
can't go any further back than these two. About Christopher I know nothing
else, and about Hanora McDonagh, I know that she died at age 84 in February,
1870. She is buried in Stoneham, a part of the city of Quebec, Quebec
Province, Canada.

The two of them had the following children:
1) Bridget Flanagan, born 1808
2) John Flanagan, born 1814
3) Henry Flanagan, born 1822
4) Christopher Flanagan, born unknown
5) George Flanagan, born unknown
6) Mary Flanagan, born unknown
7) Richard Flanagan, born unknown
8) William Flanagan, born unknown

1) Bridget Flanagan married a Richard Coady in a church in the city of
Quebec in 1833. I show that Bridget Flanagan died in September, 1866,
meaning that she predeceased her mother. She is buried in Stoneham, Quebec,
Canada. From the material that I have comes this statement: "Her death
notice appears in the Quebec Chronicle Telegraph, October 11, 1866."

(information about her seven siblings omitted to keep the length of this
e-mail as brief as possible.)

The second Bridget Flanagan:
But please note that the second-born sibling is John Flanagan. He married a
Bridget Aylward, who just might be referred to by her married name, Bridget
Flanagan. Bridget Aylward is descended from Richard Aylward and Elizabeth

The third Bridget Flanagan:
But please note that the seventh-born sibling is Richard Flanagan. He
married a Catherine McGuire in 1845 in Quebec, Canada. They had nine
children, the second of which was a Bridget Flanagan. She was born in
December, 1847. She married a John Coady in February, 1872 in Quebec,

I have much more than this if you are interested, so please e-mail me at
this address:

Hope to hear from you,
Dan Flanagan
Austin, Texas

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