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Subject: Location of Flanagan name in History
Date: Fri, 17 Feb 2006 09:07:16 -0700

From: The Annuals of The Four Masters.

Vol 7

Flannagan, chief of Clann-Cathail, (Connaught), 866 AD
Flannagan, Lector of Cill-dara, (Kildare), died 1038 AD,
FLannagan, lord of Leath-Chathail, (Lecal in Uladh), died 850 AD
Flannagan, of Innis-Faithleann, (Innisfallen), died 1044 AD
Flannagan, son of Aedh, of Armagh, died 1069 AD
Flannagan, so of Allchu, died 952 AD
Flannagan, son of Ceallach of Breagh, 891
Flannagan, son of Conain of Armagh, died 1015
Flannagan, son of Eochaidh of North Dalraidh, ( east of Ulster), died 847 AD
Flannagan, son of Faelan, of Ui Ceinnsealaigh, died 877 AD
Flannagan, son of Maelisa, of Armagh, died 1113

O'Flanagan, O'Flannagain, Ua Flannagain pertain to the rest of the list;

Bartholomew, son of Hugh, Prior of Devenish, died 1462
Beanmumhan, a daughter , died 1464
Benedict, prior of Kilmore-na-Sinna, died 1330
Brian, his sons, died 1349
Colum, abbot of Maein-Choluim-Chille, died 1014
Conaing, vice-airchinnech of Armagh died 980
Conn, prior of Kilmore, died 1249
Conn, Craibhdheach ( the piour), died 1202
Conor, 1336
Conor, son of Geoffrey, Connaught, 1414
Cormac, brother of Murtough, 1450
Cormac, son of Cormac, died 1505
Cugranna, died 1207
David, sons of, 1394
Dermot, died 1284
Dermot, sons of, 1325
Dermot, of Connaught, 1336
Dermot, son of Conor, died 1474
Donnell, abbot of Cong, died 1245
Donnell, of Connaught, died 1184
Donough, Bishop of Elphin, Roscommon, 1303
Edwina, died 1263
Eochaidh, the Historian, 987
Eochaidh , airchinneach of Armagh, died 1003
Flaherty, of Conaught, 1231
Flann, of Teathbha, died 1153
Geoffrey, of Conaught, died 1377
Gilberet, died 1206
Gillaphadraig, of Teathbha, died 1034
Hugh, prior of Lisgool, died 1419
Hugh, son of Loughlin, 1449
Hugh of Inishmacsaint, died 1530
James, of Inishmacsaint, died 1531
Laurenace, Prior of Devenish, Feremanagh, died 1505
Manus, of Connaught, died 1317
Melaghlin, of Connaught, died 1294
Melaghlin, died 1336
Melaghlin, son of Murrough, of Elphin, died 1487
Muireadach, of Connaught, died 1150
Muireadach, lector of Armagh, died 983
Muireadach, a priest, died 1147
Murrough, son of Tomaltagh, died 1342
Murtough, of Elphin, died 1403
Murtough, of Connaught, died 1293
Murtought, son of Flaherty, died 1228
Niall, Lord of Teathbha, died 1036
Nicholas, of Devenish, Fermanagh, died 1450
Nicholas, son of Pierce, of Fermanagh, died 1520
Pierce, son of Nicholas, of Lough Erne, died 1479
Raghallach, died 1233
Redmond, son of Gilbert, Fermanagh, died 1484
Redmond, prior of Devenish, Fermanagh, died 1521
Spailleach, died 1118
Sitric, of Ui-Maine, died 1048
Teige, died 1289
William, prior of Roscommon, died 1444
William, Priest of Elphin, died 1461
Cormac, of Tuath-Ratha, Fermanagh, dies 1310
Cormac, son of Gilla-Isa, of T/Ratha, Fermanagh, died 1470
Dermot, of T/Ratha, Fermanagh, died 1303
Dermot, of T/Ratha, Fermanagh, died 1393
Enna, of T/Ratha, Fermanagh, died 1351
Gilbert, of T/Ratha, Fermanagh, died 1349
Gilbert, of T/Ratha, Feermanagh, died 1428
Gilbert, son of Cormac, of T/Ratha, Fermanagh, died 1496 his wife Margaret, died 1498
Gilla Isa, of T/Ratha, Fermanagh died 1358
GIlla Isa, of T/Ratha, Fermanagh, died 1429
Gilla-Isa, of T/Ratha, Fermanagh, died 1469
Gilla Isa, son of Turlough, of T/Ratha, Fermanagh, died 1531
Manus, son of Gilbert, T/Ratha, Fermanagh, died 1531
Melaghlin, of T/Ratha, Fermanagh, died 1325
Murtough, of T/Ratha, Fermanagh, died 1383
Murtough, of T/Ratha, Fermanagh, died 1450
Murtough, son of Murtough, T/Ratha, died 1507
Teige, son of Gilla-Isa, T/Ratha, died 1394
Turlough, son of Gilla-Isa, T/Ratha, died 1488

No other spelling variations listed.
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