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Subject: Isaac FLEETWOOD Descendants
Date: Fri, 24 Jul 2009 10:09:01 -0500


(Bold is direct lineage research)


Born about 1732 Virginia Colony

Died 10/3/1832 Monroe Co, IN buried in Lawrence Co IN

Wife Sarah Rider born 1769 Loudoun Co, VA

Marriage 2/13/1790 Loudoun Co, VA


John Fleetwood born 1790 Loudoun Co, VA (Sarah Todd)

Adam Fleetwood born 1793 VA (Jenny Pritchett)

Thomas James Fleetwood born 1795 Floyd Co, KY (Catherine Todd)

Isaac Fleetwood born 1796-1810 Loudoun Co, VA (Sarah Sally Brown; Winny Ingram; Margaret Smith)

Rebecca Elizabeth Fleetwood born 1798 Floyd Co, KY (Jesse Hall)

Malinda Melvina Fleetwood born 1802 KY (Nat Barnett)

Solomon Fleetwood born 1802 Floyd Co, KY (Fanny Todd)

James Fleetwood born 1806 Floyd Co, KY (Elizabeth Betsy Cantrell)

Mark Jesse Fleetwood born 5/24/1815 Floyd Co, KY (Cynthia Steward)

Hiram Fleetwood born 1815 Floyd Co, KY (Matilda Harden)

Isaac Fleetwood (son of Isaac and Sarah Ryder Fleetwood)

Born 1796-1810 Loudoun Co, CA

Died 1878 Douglas Co, MO buried Yates Cemetery Brown Twp, Douglas Co, MO

Married Sarah Sally Brown 8/26/1819 Floyd Co, KY

Married Winny Ingram 1847 Ozark Co, MO

Married Margaret Smith after 1860

Children with Sarah Sally Brown:

Hiram Preston Fleetwood born 1826 IN [Missouri Ann Winningham(?) or Ford(?)]

Martha I. Fleetwood born 1837 MO

Sarah Ann Fleetwood born 1835 IN

Children with Winny Ingram:

Victoria V. Fleetwood born 1849 MO

Isaac Fleetwood - born 1853 MO

James McBride born 1856 MO

Laura A. Fleetwood - born 1859 MO

Children with Margaret Smith - none

Hiram/Hiriam Preston Fleetwood (son of Isaac and Sarah Sally Brown Fleetwood)

Born 1826 IN

Died before 1900

Married Missouri Ann Winningham(?) or Ford(?) 9/15/1852 Ozark Co, MO


Mary Jane Fleetwood born 11/1849 MO (Dagase)

Savanis/Solam.Sarvania Fleetwood born 1852 MO
John J. Fleetwood born 1855 MO

William Preston Fleetwood born 10/1857 MO

Adam Hiram/Hiriam born 2/1859 MO (Anna Ward; Mary Ann Pratt)

Nina S. Fleetwood born 8/20/1864 IA

Minerva Jane Fleetwood born 11/1867 Douglas Co, MO

Daniel B. Fleetwood born 1869 IA

Adam Hiram/Hiriam Fleetwood (son of Hiram/Hiriam Preston and Mary Ann Pratt Fleetwood)

Born 2/1859 MO

Died 1/15/1936 Greene Co, MO

Married Anna Ward 1875 MO

Married Mary Ann Pratt about 1879 MO

Children with Anna Ward:

Icey Fleetwood Born 1903 MO (Templeton)

Maudie Fleetwood born 1905 MO (Swearingen)

John E. Fleetwood born 1905 MO

Missouri Ann Fleetwood born 5/31/1894 MO (Fleetwood?)

Children with Mary Ann Pratt:

David Preston Fleetwood born 1880 Douglas Co, MO

William Jasper Fleetwood born 2/14/1885 MO (Della Mae Sparks)

Luetta Fleetwood born 1890 MO

Mary J. Fleetwood born 1897 MO (Miller)

Harrison Fleetwood born 1899 MO

William Jasper Fleetwood (son of Adam Hiram/Hiriam and Mary Ann Pratt Fleetwood)

Born 2/14/1885 MO

Died 9/1979 Fordland, Webster Co, MO

Married Della Mae Sparks 8/3/1906 Douglas Co, MO


Daisy Noam/Nona Fleetwood born 1909 MO (Knapp)

Hattie M. Fleetwood born 1913 MO (Jesse Lock)

Edna Fleetwood born 1915 MO

Homer E. Fleetwood born 11/6/1918 MO [Virginia O'Banion; (?)Bonnie Jean Hobe(?); Helen]

Cecil Albert Fleetwood born 6/18/1921 MO (Gisela Han Muller Neuhaus)

Laura Fleetwood born 1923 MO (Hines)

Christine Fleetwood born 1925 MO (Burns)

Willie Yvonne Fleetwood born 1927 MO (Alfred Lloyd Maggard; Watson)

I am especially interested in Homer E. Fleetwood and Cecil Albert Fleetwood sons of William Jasper Fleetwood. Anyone related to them or their ancestors? Any additions, corrections, changes please contact me.

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