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Subject: Re: Sequoyah, Dragging Canoe, Attakullakulla
Date: 27 Jan 2005 08:08:07 -0700

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Surnames: Snow, Dragging Canoe, Little Owl, Eni, Ewi, Leaf
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This information was given to me by a woman named Lois Hubbard from OKLAHOMA, she is a history teacher and also a descendent of Martha Tilda Snow. There is no written proof of Martha being the Daughter or Granddaughter of Dragging Canoe, that is what I am trying to find. That is the BIG QUESTION.

Below is the information that she gave to me:
from a email from Lois Hubbard August 10, 2004

I will try to explain this in an orderly fashion - First repeating the Family Lore - Then giving you the "provable facts"

Tilda Snow Allen (probable the grandmother of YOUR Squire Allen Brazil) was the daughter OR grand-daughter of Dragging Canoe (War Chief of the "Western Nation Cherokee"). She married the son of an "Indian Agent", Squire Allen, son of Gershom Allen.

After Dragging Canoe's death in the late 1700, The Chickamauga left Tennessee headed for East Texas. Tilda Snow Allen got as far as what is NOW Van Buren County, Arkansas, put down her pots and baskets and announced THIS is where the Chickamauga would STAY !
AND about half of them did! The State of Arkansas calls them "the Old Settlers". They were given the land in what is now NW Arkansas - by the US government. (see the attached map)
Two of Squire and Tilda Snow Allen's daughter's married Brazil boys. When Tilda Snow Allen died - one of her Brazil son-in-laws was appointed as "White Chief", (The Cherokee had 2 types of "Chiefs" - those that governed during the War time were the "Red Chief's" - and those that governed during the peace time were the "White Chiefs". The most influential Peace Chief of the nation was one chosen by the people who was also a religious leader. He chose his own successor, subject to council approval, and he had veto power over the selection of the War Chief.) , as well as the executor of her will.
In the time before the "trail of tears" - Tilda Snow Allen sent her son, Eli, to Alabama and Georgia - to get as many of the Western Nation Cherokee to come to Arkansas as they could get. Several times AFTER the "trail of tears" the Government TRIED to get the Western Nation to move to Oklahoma - They refused! They lied about the degree of Native American blood they had (for several reasons - including IF you admitted to having more than 1/16th - the Government appointed a "guardian" to oversee your affairs) Usually they just refused to answer the question. In several of the census' that column is simply left BLANK. For over a hundred years -well into the 1900's - the Allen's and the Brazil's traveled back and forth between Arkansas and Texas (where more of the Chickamauaga had gone on to settle)
When the "Final Dawes Roll" was drawn up the Allen's and the Brazil's were given peices of the broken up Cherokee land in Oklahoma. They went to Oklahoma - "took up the land" - then promply SOLD it - and went back to Arkansas or Texas. This is why they are rarely listed on the Dawes Roll (You had to STAY in OK - until 1906 - to be on the "Final" list.)
There are quite a few Brazil's, here in the Choctaw Nation. (and WHY or HOW they ended up here instead of in the Cherokee nation - I do not have a clue)

I have found little to NO Government documentation to back up the family lore. (Just as THEY intended - I belive)
However - if you take into account WHERE these people were - and WHEN they got there (also part of the family lore - and ALL correct) I'm afraid THAT is as close as we will EVER get to PROVING - that family Native American connection.
AND My greatgrandfather DRILLING into me - I was a a decendant of the "Great Dragging Canoe" and a member of the "Western Nation/Chickamauaga Cherokee" - NOT those Cherokee that "sold our home land for personal riches - then allowed themselves to be hearded like cattle half way across the country"
He'd had this taught to HIM by HIS great-grandfather Eli Allen (son of Squire and Tilda Snow Allen)

There is NO documentation on WHERE "Tilda Snow" came from, just many generations of "oral family history" - passed down in dozen of different lines - that ALL says the same thing.
I started doing this genealogy research on the internet 6 or 7 years ago. I have connected with MANY of the "family members" that have descended from her - and in almost every case - the stories are the same - sometimes right down to the wording. The phrase "herded like cattle - half way across the country" (when referring to the Oklahoma Cherokee) - is consistent in dozens of DIFFERENT family histories.

I'd like to recommend you read the book Tell Them They Lie: The Sequoyah Myth by Traveller Bird. Los Angeles CA: Westernlore Publishers, 1971.
This is a book written by the REAL Sequoyah's grandchildren. It lays out the history of the Chickamauga much better and with more TRUTH than the "official white man version".
The Real Sequoyah was Dragging Canoe's "first lieutenant". In his MANY diaries he tells the story of Dragging Canoe's daughter being "kidnapped".
Often in the Official listing of Dragging Canoe - they list "Little Owl" as either his brother or son or both! SHE was none of the above - Tilda Snow Allen's Cherokee name was Little Owl. Her Mother was named Leaf.


Have you seen a copy of this book, I printed a copy from the internet. In the back of the book in the index, Dragging Canoe is listed and there are several pages, where you can read about his kidnapped daughter and wife. According to the book, they were kidnapped in 1788 by a group of choctaw indians at a place called Crawfish Place. Dragging Canoe's wife Eni ( beleived to be Leaf) and his six year old daughter Ewi ( beleived to be Little Owl and later Martha Tilda Snow ) were sold to whites in Virginia, his wife was eventually freed when he gave three black and two white prisoners to the whites, but they held the child Ewi, HOPING for an exchange of ALL white prisoners. Dragging Canoe refused to do this and she was eventually taken to a town called HILLSVILLE in the mountains of Virginia and was being kept by a white man named Hill. BY the time Dragging Canoe reached the Hill settlement, Ewi had been given to a traveling preacher named JOHN CRAIG, who lived in!
the town of Petersville across the mountains. (there is a petersville north carolina, i was wondering if this could be where they were referring to ) At this point Dragging Canoe gave up hope of ever finding her.

this information comes from the book, and the other information about MARTHA TILDA SNOW being the kidnapped daughter, comes from the oral history of Lois Hubbard. but there is not any physical evidence yet to make a definate tie between the two. according to other peoples geneaology trees from the internet, MARTHA TILDA SNOW AND SQUIRE ELEAZAR ALLEN had the following children
matilda jane allen DOB 1805
eleazer allen DOB 1802
mary ann polly allen DOB 1793
ananias allen DOB 1794
moses allen DOB 1795
aaron allen DOB 1800
jesse b. allen DOB 1803
wesley allen DOB 1813

it also says MARTHA TILDA SNOW ALLEN died OCT 9, 1843 in saline county arkansas, if there was some kind of death records, maybe that would shed some light on her life.

let me know what you think, thanks emma

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