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Subject: [FOLKLORE] Blisters, Itching, Chafing, Rash
Date: Thu, 6 Apr 2000 14:13:04 EDT

Blisters, Itching, Chafing, Rash
The superstitions and folklore
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As a cure for itch, wash in tea of poke roots.

Avoid chafing by keeping bitterweed in your pocket.

Carry a piece of alum in your pocket to prevent galling.

Carry elderberry leaves in your pocket to keep from getting galled.

Ground itch can be cured by tying yarn around your toes.

If a baby has itch, roll him in sulfur and lard.

If you are galled, apply browned flour.

If you kiss a girl too much, you will have fever blisters; but the girl
won't have any at all, because the heat from the girl will come to you.

If you step on the ground where cows wet, you will get ground itch and your
toes will crack.

If you wash in cold water and never wipe, you will not be galled.

In the winter, rub a little mutton tallow on the baby every time you change
it's diaper and your baby will never be galled.

Prickly heat can be cured by rubbing it with crushed elder leaves.

Put twelve walnut leaves in a quart of water and boil down to a pint,
then strain and add a teaspoonful of sulfur; and use this as a wash for itch.

Rub saliva and your ear wax on a fever blister to make it go right away.

Take a wash rag and dip it in vinegar and rub the wet rag over places where
have prickly heat.

Take green corn or broom seed, press the sap therefrom, boil it in the same
manner mush is cooked, add five cents worth of sulfur and a quarter
pound of lard to rub on body itch.

Take meadow rue, boil in olive oil, mix in a little beeswax so that it
a fine salve for itching hands.

To cure chafing, use wheat dust.

To cure toe itch, hold your toes under a cow while she is relieving herself
and let the urine run over the toes.

To prevent being chafed, keep grape leaves in your pocket.

To stop an itching toe, tie a yarn string around it.

Use sulfur and molasses as a salve on the place that itches.

You will never be chafed if "dogweed" leaves are kept in your pocket.

You will not be galled if you carry mullein leaves in your hip pocket.

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