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ALECTORIUS--stone from a cock. Alectorius is a powerful amulet for power, courage, and wealth. It brings about harmony in a relationship between a woman and a man. Held in mouth it prevents thirst. It brings good luck to wearer. To obtain it, lay a rooster on on an ant hit for (9) days after which time you will find the stone.

ALLIGATOR---mount alligator teeth in silver and gold. make a ring or tie them to your arm by a chain for Luck and Protection.

AMBERGIS---secretion of the intestines of the sperm whale. this is an ingredient of magic perfumes. It is used as an aphrodisiac, induced in beverages.

ANIMAL CONCRETION---a stone found in the body of an animal that contains the animals magical essence, these stones are used as amulets, in potions and so forth.

ANT---this bloodless insect is a powerful ingredient in love potions. ants cure persons who has been poisoned, red ants bites are known to be good for rheumatism.

ARMADILLO----the last joint of the tail is a remedy for an earache.

ASS---sleeping upon the skin of this animal keeps away devils, witches and nightmares. their hair is used in love potions.

BADGER---the foot of this animal placed under one's bed arouses lust.

BASILISK (or Cockatrice) ---A mythical animal, usually a serpent or lizard., that could kill a man with a glance. the blsilsk was hatched from a serpent or toad, it's eyes were an ingredient in a witches potion. It's blood was considered the blood of Saturn, bringing luck and fulfillment.

BAT---(or Filter Mouse)---one of the bat's eyes is a tailisman for invisibility. It's wing may e used magic against enemies, or to work evil while you pierce the eye of it with a needle. The heart of a bat bound to the right arm with a red thread brings good luck at cards. If the blood of a bat is put under a woman's head while she sleeps, without her knowledge, she will conceive the next time she lies with a man.

BEAR--the fat of a bear in an ointment or potion induces child birth. Carry the heart of a bear with you to bring happiness, power, and wealth.

BLOOD---human and animal blood, especially fresh, is used extemsivly in all potion and recipes. Devil's pacts are always signed in one's own blood.
Magic against an enemy get their blood to make into an image of them, or to boil and scatter on the ground, to harm.

BOAR---the tooth of the boaar is worn as an mulet for fertility, good fortune and against the evil eye. Protection for a pregnant woman. stones powdered and put into a potion for arousel of lust.

BUMBLEBEE---kep some bees in a box for good luck and protection.

BUTTERFLY---butterflies casuse our dreams and can put us to sleep.

CAMEL---the dung of a camel burned mixed with oil stops the loss of hair. the brain of a camel mixed with oil of roses applied to the head and body cures falling sickness. it's milk with honey for love potions.

CASTOR---stone of a beaver called castor, hinders conception when powdered and drunk in a potion with the wax of a mule. used in ointment it eases the nerves. the secretion from the groins it is used in perfume and in love and fertility charms.

CAT---It's hair, eyes, claws, blood and organs are used in many charms and potions. the brain used in love spells. dung mixed with oil of lillies cures fever. Putting a live cat on someone suffering from convulsions, epilepsy, or fainting will cure him.

CAT/BLACK---for working black magic this cat has much energy. It's blood cures many diseases, such as erysipelas. To become invisible, boil a black cat alive, then take the bones one by one and hold each in your mouth in front of a mirror.til you nolonger are reflected in the mirror. Rub a black cats tail over your eye to recover from a sty.

CAUL---part of the fetal membrane that is sometimes attached to a newborn child is considered good luck, it should be perserved an worn as an amulet. worn can escape danger. black ones are a bad omen. reddish ones good luck. it perserves the health of wearer.

CELONITUS---a stone of a tortoise. on the first day of the new moon, place it under your tongue, for fifteen days you will be aable to see the future for half a day. from sunrise to sunset if the moon is waxing from sunset to sunrise, when it is wanning.

CENTIPEDE---one of the "five venomous animals", or five poisons, worn against evil.

CHAMELEON--- A lizard that changes its color of skin. Burn its liver on a rooftop to raise a tempest. " Take the tongue of a chameleon while it is still alive it produces good success in trails, it helps induce labor with women when parts of its body is hung up in the house, not the whole of the chameleon or it might be dangerous. Eat the liver to hinder a love charm placed upon you. Dried and powedered can be taken as an aphrodisiac. , powdered or whole can be used as an amulet.

CIVET CAT---a small catlike animal whose eyes are said to induce fear and hypnosis and are often used in witches ointments and potions. It makes any animal that it hath looked uon to stand still, to be amazed and not be able to move itself. "touch the doorposts with it's blood to prevent sorceries and enchantments". Wear the straight gut of the civet out around on you left arm to make women follow you around. The civets secrets a yellow substance that is used in fumigations, ointments, and love potions.

COCK---most of the cock's parts are used in love charms and potions. Feathers from its tail were used in roman time to open locks. they also wore off witchcraft and the evil eye. To cure insanity , burn a cock alive. black cocks blood can be used in evil spells.

CORPSE-- objects or garments that have had contact with the corpse can be used in spells and charms or a candle burned before it.

COW--to make the labor of a woman easier the dung of the cow is suffummigated under the chair of a woman

CROCODILE--the teeth are used in evil spells of black magic.

CROW--when the eye of a crow is placed under the bed will entice lust.

DEER--the genitals of a deer can be used in love potions.

DOG--the fat of a puppy is used as an ingredient in exilars to promate health.
the blood of a dog will reveal a person who has made himself invisible.A black dog is a symbol of evil an is considered an animal of the devil.

DRAGON'S BLOOD--used in love potions, and protects against disease. burn it to bring back a lost love.

DUCK--Inhale it's breath to give it your sickness. it's skull is used in voodoo spells.

EAGLE--the eagles right eye will bring favor and friendship. the kidneys arouse lust when dried and and steeped and made into a sauce. it's feather of the right wing carry and it will help you become rich and friendly.

EEL--it's skin cures hydrophobia when worn around the limbs, cramp or pain when tied around the knee. and rheumatism when placed on the chest. eat the fresh heart of an eel to foretell the future.

ELEPHANT--its ivory is protection against the evil eye, jealousy and nightmares.

ELK--use the hoof of an elk to cure epilepsy.

FOX--the right testicle dried nd powdered is used in love potions for women, the left for men.

FROG--when the bones of the left side of the frog is used it is for love the right side for hate.

GOAT--the semen of the goat anointed on the penis and its horn powdered and drunk in a potion are male aphrodisiacs.

GOOFER DUST--term for gravyard dirt. it is a deadly ingredient of charms and recipes to kill or harm enemies.

HARE--the genitals are burned and used in charms to produce lust.

HAWK--the same as an eagle with lesser intensity.

HEDGEHOG--smear the fat on the penis for an aphrodisiac. its britles in evil spells or against ememies.

HEN--A bird of evil omen, witches offer it to the devil as sacrafice. feathers from a black hen are deadlly when incorporated into a magical image or witch's ladder.

HIPPOMANCES-small piece of flesh usually black on the head of a newborn foul. it arouses lust, and worn as an amulet. to win love give it to the one you love.

HOG--boil the bristles to bring rain.

HORSE--the devil's disquise sometimes at a sabbat.they are familiar. mares milk given to a woman helps her concieve.

HYENA--the hairs of a hyena is used in necromancy spells. skin from its forhead makes men and dogs silent. annoint the spine with its marrow it cures pains of the back.

IGUANA--wear its skin as amulet for bravery.

LAWPIG--wear its eye,brains, or heart around your neck for forgetfulness and for understanding.

LION--for courage wear its skin.

LIZARD--It's brains and tell are induced in love spells.

LOCUST--eat the torsos of the females in butter for potency

MENSTRAL BLOOD --will dull a knife. turns wine sour. it can cause impotency when given in a potion.

MOLE---swallow the heart of a mole before the sun rises and you will know the future.drink its blood for anemia, to cure a toothache , wear a tooth pulled from a live mole.

MOSS OF A HUMAN SKULL.(or white moss) a cure for headaches and illness.

MULE--the ear wax of a mule is a contraceptive break or hinder love charms, take a potion including dust in which a mule has lain.

MUSK-- strong scented secretion of the male musk deer that is used in magical perfumes and is a powerful ingredient in love potions.

NEWT--a salamander or small tailed animal, its brains of which are used in love potions.

NIGHTINGALE--swallow its heart with honey and carry the heart and tongue with you to make others delight to listen to you. carry the eyes to keep you awake.

OSTRICH--the stone from the gizzard of the ostrich arouses lust, cures impotence, and enables one to make love with great power when powdered and taken in a potion or hung around the neck. the stone also aids digestion.

OWL--wear the claw of an owl as an amulet for good luck.

OX--hand the gall of an ox over your bed to have wonderful dreams.

RAVEN--Its gall is uded to foment dessension or work evil, as is its blood.

REMORA--small fish of the family Echeneidae that be used in love potions.

RHINOCEROS--the horn of is powdered and used as an aphrodisiac.

ROEBUCK-- the male roe deer, parts of are quite effective in potions for love and fertility.

SCORPION--used in amulet to ward off evil.

SEA-COW---the fat of is conducive to joyful lovemaking when mixed with honey and anoinnted on the sexual ogans of the couple. when worn as an amulet the stone from the right temple of the sea-cow causes erection, the stone from the left side hinders it.

SEAL---dring the brain in a potion to drive away evil spirits. and the heart to bring good luck., carry its claws to prevent witchcraft and betrayal. the hair in ointment rubbed on area will cure pain of abdomen and kidneys.

SERPENT---it stands for wisdom and the knowledge of good and evil. the skin worn around the waist, cures rheuatism, and may be used in black magic.

SHARK--to preent or cure cramps in any part of the body wear one or more of its vertebrae on a string around your waist.

SHEEP--fresh lover of seep beautifies a woman when applied to her face.

SHELL--worn as an amulet it keeps away evil spirits and the evil eye.

SKULL--part of a skull or skileton or an object shaped like a skull is a potent talisman against the evil eye.. to cure epilepsy drink at midnight water from a spring out of the skull of someone who was murdered.

SNAIL--The shells of snails are used in amulets for love, lust and fertility and against witchcraft and the evil eye. make a tea o them to cure a cough.

SNAKESTONE--A stone from a snake which brings success if the snake remains alive while it is taken out.

SPIDER--to prevent fever and flu wear a few spiders in a bag around your neck. to bring sleep to an insomniac, anoint his head with boiled spiders. swallow spiderwebs to cure asthma. a spider caught while weaving upward is an spicially good constituent of an amulet against disease.

SWALLOW--swallow the whole fresh heart of a swallow in order to foretell the future, eat the heart boiled in milk to improve your memory, the heart may also be used in love charms. ointment with a swallow's feather in it is applied to secure universal love and affection, a white stone from it will cure headaches as long as you dont let it touch the ground.

TAPIR--the whiskers of tigers are used in love and wealth potions. its tooth is an amulet in gambling.

TOAD--the magical essence of a toad is hateful and poisonous, its parts are used extensively in charms of necromancy and aginst enemies.

TOADSTONE--antidote and detector of poisons, it grows hot in its appearance. it prevents houses from burning and ships from sinking.

TURTLE--longlevity, and the fertility of women. the heart taken in potion hinders lusts. the shell when thrown into the fire will keep the husband quiet. its claws are used in potions and spells.

TURTLEDOVE--its heart powdered and used in love potions. blood from its cut throat cures falling sickness.

UNICORN.--its horn is used in love potions.

VULTURE--the vulture properties are somewhat the same as the eagles.

WEASEL--the tongue dried and worn in shoe gaurds against ememies. swallow its heart warm to learn the future.

WOLF--drinking the blood of a wolf will make one mad. the eyes edministered in a potion induce fear. wear the right eye to bring victory and protection. the wolf's tail hair is used in love potions.

WOOL--to keep away witchcraft and disease anoint yourself with black wool and butter.

NOTE: this listing was not put here for the cruelty of animals.

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