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Subject: Re: Jean Louis dit Colon Fontenot family
Date: 25 May 2004 07:53:57 -0600

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Well first we will start with Our 7th great grandfather is Jean Louis dit Colon Fontenot Parents and Grand-Parents:

Joachim Colin Fontenot 24 Oct 1651 in Saint Germain, Poitiers, , France & mother: Marie Jeane Pradeau "Prido" b: 3 May 1656 in Saint Hilaire Parish, Poitiers, Vienne, France.

Joachim Colin Fonteneau
Birth: Oct. 1651 in Montierneuf, Poitiers, France
Death: 29 Jan 1724/25 in Poitiers, France
Father: Nicolas Fonteneau b: in France
Mother: Jacquette DeVilliers b: in France
Married: Marie-Jeanne Pradeau (b: May 1656 in St. Hilaire, Poitiers, France); married: 13 Oct 1681 in St. Porchaire, Poitiers, France.
Children were: 1.**Jean-Louis dit Colon Fontenot b: Abt Dec 1686 in Montierneuf, Poitiers, France/Native St.German Parish, Poitou; 2. Janne Fontenot b: 1682; 3. Isabeau Fontenot b: 1684 and 4.Vincent Fontenot b: 1693.
Married 2: Francoise Macee in 1699 in Motierneuf, Vienne, France.

Then we have Jean Louis and his Children:
Jean Louis Fonteneau b: 18 Dec 1687 in Poitiers, St. Germain, Motierneuf, France.
Married: Louise Angelique Henry 1726 in Mobile, Alabama;Her parents were: Louise Perigaud
Father: Louis Perigaud b: ABT 1656
Mother: Marie le Bouvdonne b: ABT 1658 in Of Port Louis, France
Married to: Mathurin Henry
Parents were Father: Jan Henry and mother: Marie Conioin.
Their children were: 1. Joseph dit Belaire Fontenot (ONE of MY LINE'S) (born circa 1732; Fort Toulouse, Alabama), Married: Marie-Jeanne (Josephe) Brignac 24 May 1747, in Mobile.
Children were: 1. Augustin Bellaire Fontenot b: in Fort Toulouse, Mobile, Alabama; 2. Lucas Fontenot b: in Fort Toulouse, Mobile, Alabama; 3. *Marie Josephe Jean Fontenot b: 1757 in Fort Toulouse, Mobile, Alabama, ( Who married Laurent Dupre and Louis Fontenot. ); 4. Charles dit Belaire Fontenot b: 1758 in Opelousas, St. Landry Parish, Louisiana; 5. Joseph Fontenot b: 1762; 6. Marie-Claire dit Bellevue Fontenot b: abt. 1764 in Fort Toulouse, Mobile, Alabama; 7. Marie-Jeanne Fontenot b: 6 JUN 1766 in Fort Toulouse, Mobile, Alabama; 8. Jacques Fontenot b: 1769; 9. Louis dit Bellaire Fontenot b: 10 Apr 1770 in Opelousas, Louisiana; 10. Pierre Joseph Fontenot b: 21 OCT 1772 in Pointe Coupee, Louisiana; 11. Marie Francoise Fontenot b: ABT 1775 and 12. * Marie Louise Fontenot b: 20 NOV 1777 in Opelousas, St. Landry Parish. Louisiana.
2.Louise Fontenot (born ca 1726; Mobile, Alabama), Married: Jean Denoyer.
3. Pierre dit "Bellevue" Fontenot (born 1727; Mobile, Alabama), Married: Louise Doucet.
4. Philippe "St. Philippe" dit "Bellevue"Fontenot (born 1725; Mobile, Alabama), Married: Marie Nicole Brignac. His other name was LaRose!
5. *Jean dit "Cadet" Fontenot (MY OTHER LINE) (born 1729; Mobile, Alabama), Married: Marie Francoise LaGrange
b: ABT 1737 in Alibamons, Married: ABT 1760 in Opelousas, Louisiana, Her Parents are: Father: Henri LaGrange
Mother: Marguerite Porieux Posteriant!
Children were: Julia Fontenot, Alexandre Charles Fontenot, Anne Fontenot, ** Louis "Grand Louis" Fontenot b: Abt 1753 in Poste des Alibamons, Elizabeth Fontenot b: Abt 1757 in Poste des Alibamons, Maurice Fontenot b: Abt 1759 in Poste des Alibamons, Henry Fontenot b: 27 Mar 1760 in Poste des Alibamons, Augustin Fontenot b: Abt 1763, Pierre Baptiste Fontenot b: 25 Jul 1770 in Pointe Coupee,La., Antoine Baptiste Fontenot b: 1771, Francois Fontenot b: 10 Oct 1774 in La Prairie Nepique, Louisiana, Jean-Baptiste Fontenot b: 25 Jul 1776 in St. Landry Parish,Louisiana and Celeste Fontenot b: ABT Apr 1777 in St. Landry Parish, Louisiana.
6. Marie Fontenot (born 1729; Mobile, Alabama), Married: Jean LaGrange, Parents were: Father: Henri LaGrange
Mother: Marguerite Porieux Posteriant.
7. Jean dit "Debonnaire" Fontenot (born 1730; Mobile, Alabama), Married: Marie Marquerite Doucet.
8. Jean Baptiste Fontenot (born 1730; Mobile, Louisiana), Married: Marie Louise LaGrange, Parents could have been: Father: Henri LaGrange Mother: Marguerite Porieux Posteriant.
9. Henri dit "Bellevue" Fontenot (born ca 1733; Mobile, Alabama), Married: Marie Louise Doucett (Doucette).
10. Francois Fontenot (born Ca 1727; Mobile, Alabama), Never Married, as he died in 1759 fighting as a soldier.
11. Marie Therese Fontenot (born ca 1746; Mobile, Alabama), Married: Jean Baptiste Lobell.
12. Marie Louise Fontenot (born ca 1741; Mobile, Alabama), Married: Simon Pierre Brignac, all the Brignac's are sister's and brother, as are most probably the Doucette's and LaGrange's.

I have more cousin, but e-mail me for it, this took to long to post lol.....Hope this helps you.
Debbie Lueck

Note: **Marie-Francoise LaGrange is probably a sister or cousin to Jean (who married Marie Fontenot) and Marie-Louise (who married Jean Baptiste Fontenot) LaGrange.
Sources: Papers from Mr. Albert Tate Jr. to Mr, Robert Bruce Ardoin: For The Research Project on the Fontenot Family.Letters and documents from March 20, 1984 - May 10, 1984. Records from Ruth R. Fontenot, Reverand Hebert's Louisiana Records All Volumes, Birth, Marriage and Death records for my line. Sources included are: 1. Registres Paroissiaux, Archives Municipales, Biblioteque Municipale de Poitiers.
2. Inventaire Sommarire des Archives Communales Anterieures a 1790 de Civray. Brincauld de Verneuil; 1889. Poitiers.
3. Dictionnaire historique et genealogiques des familles du Poitou Beauchet. Filleau et Clege. Tome 3. 1905. Poitiers, Ste. Francaise d'Imprimerie et de librairie.
Janice D. Young,"The Brignac Family and Their Relatives in Louisiana" (Metarie, 1978), pp. 41-49, 203-209; Vidrine and Pucheu, "The First Families Fontenot Families", W. DeVille, "Gulf Coast Colonials" (Baltimore, 1968, pg. 38.

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