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Subject: Fords of St. Mary's County, MD
Date: Tue, 10 Feb 1998 21:33:19 EST

Forgive me if this is redundant. What I received was unrecognizable.

I am looking for the family of John Ford whose will wr 9 Jan 1782, pr 5 Feb
1782 SMCo, mentions Sister-Bibiana, Brother-Henry, Aunt-Frances Williams,
Niece & Nephew-Anastatis & Gabriel Mattingly (the last were to receive part of
John Ford's father's estate due from Anthony Simms). Testamentary witnesses
were Raphael Neale, Jr. and John Greenwell, Jr.

With the Combs, Fenwick, Greenwell, etc., listings perhaps someone will know
how, and I feel certain they do, the above mentioned John Ford and company fit
into the following generations. The research is mine and no doubt contains
errors or in need of corrections. Any information would be appreciated.

Roll call is about to begin...

1. Robert Ford dec'd before 27 Dec 1735 when son wrote will. He patented
"The Strand" 100 a. surveyed 22 May 1667 (SMCo rent rolls, #7 & 8, p.33) and
left a portion of "Downham" 100 a. surveyed 29 Apr 1667 for Edward Clark
(ibid). Also found in the rent rolls (#7 & 8, p.77) is Robert Ford's survey
for "Strand" 182 a. of 25 May 1714 - Adjacent 2 tracts originally surveyed for
N. Mills.

From will of his son, Robert, it is clear that Robert Sr. firt patent was
"Strand" and that he also possessed "Maypole," which he left to his grandson
Peter. "Strand" was left to grandsons John and Robert. "Downham" to son

Flowering of the Maryland Palatine, p. 224, records that Robert Ford, a boy,
and Henry Spink were transported in 1641 by Nicholas Harvey from VA or
England. Further, Nicholas Harvey's daughter, Frances, was left in the care
of Cuthbert Fenwick and later married George Beckwith. It would appear from
Maryland Archives, Vol I that Robert Ford was from Virginia and the son of
Mary Ford whose petition regarding his abduction 9 Aug 1641 is listed on p.

Supplement to Early Settlers, Gibbs, shows Robert Ford of SMCo did service by
1663 and his wife Lidia was transported 1667. Maryland Distributions 1:43
record that Robert Ford m. by 11 May 1719 Mary, extrx of James Tant, of SMCo.
(Are these Roberts the same?)

2. Robert Ford, of Strand, will wr. 27 dec 1735 and pr 15 Sep 1740 SMCo.
Married to Margaret, last name unknown, at the time of his death. She
received her thirds and use of "Strand" during her widowhood. Testamentary
witnesses were Wm. Howard, John Daly, Luke Cusak. Children:

John, first son of Robert d. 1735/1740, to receive portion "Swiphiss" 32 a.
purchased by his father, portion of "Downham." John wrote his will 28 Jul
1764, pr. SMCo Jan 1765. Testamentary witnesses were Peter Ford Sr., John
Ford, and Robert Wimsatt Jr. His wife, un-named, to be maintained by son
Jesse. This John was the father of Sarah 1/m Ignatius Medcalf/Madcalf s/o
William and Susannah Bowles (thank you). Children of John:
John, son of John d. 1764/65, to receive "Farthing" and "Long in
Dispence" adjacent Richard Cooper and "Downham."
Jesse, son of John d/ 1764/65. to receive "Downham" for want of heirs to
go to son Ignatius. His will wr. 15 Nov 1767 and pr. 29 Dec 1767 SMCo was
witnessed by John Ford, Francis Boarman, Timothy Bowes(Bowles?). Nephew, John
Kennethum Medcalf/Madcalf s/o his sister Sarah/Susah, to receive "Long in
Dispence" and Downham," for want of heirs to brother Ignatius, who received
personal estate and livestock. John was married to Henrietta (probably
Neale), his second or third wife, at the time of his death. His children:
John (named and declined to by extr. of father's estate), Robet, Joseph
(probably Capt. Joseph who married (Mary) Henrietta Spinks of Prospect Hill),
Anne Ford, Margaret (is she the wife of Lewis Cornelius Combs d. 1819), and
Ignatius, son of John d. 1764/65, wrote will 17 Dec 1770, pr 12 Mar 1771
SMCo. Testamentary witnesses John Ford, Robt Wimsatt Jr., Elizabeth Booth.
All estate to wife for maintenance and education of children til they come of
age. Children - Joseph and others. Wife was Dorothy. Dorothy Ford wd/o of
Ignatius m. by 20 Oct 1782 Matthew Daft (MDAD 67:145).

The following children of John, d. 1764/65, itentified from will of his
daughter Monica and son Jesse:

Monica, d/o John d. 1764/65, wrote will 10 Oct 1751, pr. SMCo 1753.
Testamentary witnesses John Cole, Philip Greenwell, Peter Ford Jr. Other than
brother Ignatius and 5 sisters her legatees included Anastasia and Monica
Greenwell, Philip Greenwell, and goddaughter Mary Ford. (any one recoginize
these Greenwells?)
Frances, d/o John d. 1764/65, married by 1751 a Wimsatt. Believe she 2/m
William Williams d. 1775/1776 ( his children James, Joseph, Monica (did she
marry Charles Gregory Greenwell?), and Nancy m. a James). His will was
witnessed by Bennitt Combs, George Medley, and John Greenwell Jr.
NOTE: Will of Monica Greenwell wr. 14 Jan 1768 pr. 1 Jan 1768 SMCo mentions
Aunts Monica Ford, Frances Williams and Jane Manning to receive her part of
father's estate in possession of Robert Cole Sr. Also mentions her sister,
Anastacia Medley, Ellinor Medley, Mary Greenwell d/o George, and Elizabeth
Greenwell. Witnesses were Frances Williams, Rebecca Greenwell, William
Mary, d/o John d. 1764/65, married a West by 1751
Anastatia, unmarried 1751
Susannah married a Fenwich by 1751
Sarah 1/m Ignatius Fenwick, s/o William and Susanah Bowles Greenwell, 2/m
Sylvestor Wheatley 21 Mar 1768. Their son Sylvestor was baptized 21 Jun 1771
as St. Francis Xavier Church. (Sarah may have 3/m).
Jane married a Greenwel by 1751 ( Is this Ignatius d. 1757?)

Monica, d/o Robert d. 1735/40, married to a Shockley at time her by 1735, year
father wrote his will, and to William Williams by 1753, when her brother
Robert wrote his will.

Teresia Winefread, d/o Robert d. 1735/40, apparently unmarried at the time her
father wrote his will in 1735, may have married a Wimsatt by the time her
brother, Robert, wrote his will in 1753.

Robert, second son of Robert d. 1735/40, wrote will 1753 and pr. 7 Jan 1754
SMCo. Married to Teresia, last name unknown, at the time of death. He was
the father of Monica Ford who married John Fenwick (thank you). Testamentary
witnesses were John Hall Jr., John Cole, and Henry Wimsatt. From his father
he received a portion of "Strand" after decease of Margaret, and a portion of
"Downham." SMCo rent rolls (#7 & 8,p. 102) record survey of "Fords Hopewell"
10 Feb 1742 within bounds of St. Richards Manor for Robert Ford.

Monica, only child of Robert d. 1753/54, was married to John Fenwick when
father wrote his will.

Teresia, wife of Robert d. 1753/54, wrote her will 31 Dec 1754, pr 5 Feb 1754
SMCo. She does not mention a daught, Monica, suggesting that she may not have
been her mother. Legatees were Mary Neale, widow of Henry and now wife of
John Lancaster; James Neale, Gerard Neale, Teresia Neale and Henrietta Neale;
Susannah Craycroft, wife of Charles, and their daughter Sarah Craycroft;
William Gardiner, s/o Richard Gardiner; and Mary Thompson, wife of Michael
Thompson. (Could she have been a Neale by birth?)

Peter, third son of Robert d. 1735/40, received portion of "Strand,"
"Swiphiss," "Downham," and all of "Maypole" 1 a. intended for warehouse. He
wrote his will 4 Jul 1763, pr. 5 Jun 1766 SMCo. His wife was Mary, last name
unknown, received her thirds during her natural life. 6 Apr 1742 "The Strand"
91 acres passed to Peter Ford from Robert Ford (rent rolls #7 & 8, p. 33).
Bennet, s/o Peter d. 1763/66, was deceased in 1763. His children were
Peter, John Jarrat, and Priscilla. Peter and John J. to share "Mt. Pleasant."
"Mt. Pleasant" 100 a. surveyed 9 Oct 1667 for Lewis Tapper, in possession of
Benjamin Gough from James Gough & Elizabeth Uxor (rent rolls 7 & 8, p. 44),
and bought by Peter Ford 15 Dec 1737 from John Wilcoxen.
Richard, s/o Peter d. 1763/66, received west part of "St. Giles" where he
now lives, adjacent to Thomas Spaling and line of Howard, negros, furniture,
cows, pewter.
John, s/o Peter d. 1763/66, to receive remaining part of "St. Giles" and
"Maypole" where he now lives.
Other Children of Peter d. 1763/66 may include Teresia Ford who married
Clement Spink, Gent. (Burns book 28, pps 345-6) wr 10 Apr 1752, pr 1752 wife
Teresia. Children: Elinor and Mary (land of John Norris), Edward and
Anastatia (50acres bought of George Medcalf "Gilmot Hill" - surveyed 1652 for
John Mansell in Newtown Hundred), Dorothy and Henrietta Spink. Witnesses were
Robert Cole, Edward Spink, William Russell.)
See will of Anastaia Spincks (Burns, Maryland Will Book Number 31), wr 7 Sep
1762, pr 25 Oct 1762, who mentions her grandfather Peter Ford, uncles - Peter,
Richard and John Ford, sisters-in-law Henrietta and Dorothy Spincks.
Witensses were Alexander Benithon?, Joshua Millard, Martha Bonithon?.

Anastatia, d/o Robert d. 1735/40, married Luke Mattingly, s/o Thomas II d.

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