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From: "Mary Nell Hollis Franks" <>
Subject: Re: Richard Foster of Nottoway Co VA died about 1800
Date: Mon, 14 Jan 2008 15:14:47 -0600
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I am a descendant of William Foster of Giles Co., TN@ 1800 and I live in
Lawrence County. I have researched the Fosters in this area and might be
able to help you. Email me privately.

Mary Nell Hollis Franks

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From: "Bob Klose" <>
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Sent: Monday, January 14, 2008 11:34 AM
Subject: Re: Richard Foster of Nottoway Co VA died about 1800

> Dear Laurie,
> I'm also interested in the Fosters of Amelia Co.; in particular any
> Richard
> Foster(s) whose descendants may have migrated to middle Tennessee in
> the1800-1820 time frame. I was sorry to hear that the film you read was
> illegible. Did you rent in from your local FHC? I live in SE VA and have
> gone to the Library of Virginia on occasion (not recently though), and
> have
> found that some of their microfilms suffer from the same problem. Luckily,
> many of these documents were transcribed years ago and were put into book
> form. But, unfortunately, not all of them. Many of the original documents
> were filmed some years ago and it appears that the quality wasn't great to
> begin with. After repeated use and copying many of them have become
> useless
> for modern researchers. I've made my concerns known to the LVA reference
> staff, but I came away with the impression that they didn't want to be
> bothered with this. It takes time, manpower and money to refilm old
> records
> and it appears to be a low priority.
> If I can muster up the will I'll go to the LVA again someday, but to be
> honest, this sort of research takes an enormous outlay of time and energy,
> even if one lives within driving distance. As I'm sure you have found out
> for yourself, it can several hours to scroll through just one microfilm,
> especially if it is of dubious quality.
> I suspect that many of the Fosters of Amelia/Charlotte/Lunenburg and other
> counties in south central VA were carpenters by trade. Very few of them
> were
> wealthy by the standards of the day and most of them did not make out
> wills.
> A couple of families did own slaves, but they were the exception. As soon
> as
> lands opened up in Tennessee and South Carolina most of them left VA by
> droves. If you look at VA census records after 1820 you will see that
> there
> are very few Fosters left in this area. Oh, there are some, but these seem
> to be the larger landowners who lived by cotton and tobacco farming, not a
> trade.
> Bob in Williamsburg, VA
> On Jan 10, 2008 8:20 PM, Laurie McKenna <> wrote:
>> Dear List,
>> Is anyone familiar with Richard Foster of Nottoway Co VA? Will Book 1
>> has
>> an entry for him on p 238 but the copy of the film I had was unreadable
>> on
>> that page. I'd like to get a copy of his will, but any information about
>> him would be appreciated. I've been sorting out the Fosters of Amelia Co
>> for some time (it hasn't been easy <g>) and finally got to Nottoway Co
>> records and was so disappointed when I couldn't read the film. Thanks
>> for
>> any help. Will gladly share what I have.
>> Laurie McKenna
>> Olney, MD
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