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From: Etienne Herrbach <>
Subject: Re: Simultaneum
Date: Sun, 28 May 2006 16:24:53 +0200
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Hello Tim and Listers,

having checked in literature, I confirm that the simultaneum existed in some
places in Germany and Switzerland, but never as systematized as in Alsace
after 1648 (integration into France - where Catholicism was state religion).
It existed in rare places which belonged to two lords, a Catholic and a
Protestant. This also was the case in Alsace before it became French, e.g.
in Neuwiller-les-Saverne since 1563. By googling "simultaneum", several
examples out of Alsace are found.

However, - and that's why the Alsatian situation is very typical - the
French authorities generalized the simultaneum and used it as an attempt to
marginalize the Protestants and make them come back to the Catholic church.

Another interesting fact: when the simultaneum was generalized in Alsace,
only Catholics benefited from the situation, as they obtained the permission
to celebrate in the choir of Protestant churches. As a consequence, the
Protestant community remained in charge of the church, despite the

Yet another question: what about Lorraine? Here it should be recalled that
the Protestant Reform was not introduced durably in this region, at least in
the Duchy of Lorraine.

A nice Sunday to all,


> From:
> Date: mercredi 24 mai 2006 15:09
> As I mentioned to Etienne this also occurred in
> Hilsbach,Baden. It seems as though,as Hilsbach is
> close to Alsace, it may have been a regional custom as the towns were so
> small(1000-2000) people.
> Tim

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