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From: "Michael D. Nelson" <>
Subject: [FRAMPTON-L] Frampton William 1646
Date: Sat, 10 Oct 1998 20:29:31 +0000

From: Michael Nelson
To: All

Hello folks.
I found a photostat copy of a memorial written ca1950 by Robert F.
Frampton, Frampton Historian, Kingview, Star Route, Scottdale PA.
It is mainly a resume of Lachoneus Frampton b(30 Jun 1842), but there is
a opening statement which you might want to read.

"Lachoneus Frampton was a descendant of William Frampton, who was born
in England in 1646. The Frampton history goes back to the time of the
Norman Conquest in 1066. The principal seat of the Frampton family was
at Dorsetshire in the county of Dorset. They were knighted: made
Sheriff; were members of Parliament. Had a Crest and a Coat of Arms. The
family was very prominent in Queen Anne's time.
William Frampton came to America and cast in his lot with Wiliam Penn
and the province of Pennsylvania. He was keeper of the Great Seal for a
time. He was a quaker, and many meetings were held in his home. He was a
large landholder. He married Elizabeth Potter, and had three children,
Elizabeth, Sarah and Thomas.
Thomas, the son and heir, married Elizabeth Ellis, and also had 3
children, Hannah, John and an infant child.
John the son and heir married Elizabeth Chritchfield, and the had 8
children, 5 sons and 3 daughters. William, John, Samuel, Nathaniel and
Arthur, and Mary, Rachel and Ann.
All of these 5 sons were Revolutionary soldiers, while Mary married John
Roll, also a Revolutionary soldier. The family seems to have been
located in Cumberland County during the war, although some of the
children, if not all were born near Burlington, NJ. After the war, they
began migrating west. Samuel Frampton located at Lewistown, PA where he
and his wife died and are buried.
Nathaniel, the youngest son of Samuel, who married Nancy Elizabeth
Kelley, we find located in or around Pittsburgh, PA. He married Laura
Brush, who died when her daughter Nancy was born. Nathaniel then married
the second time Laura Farnsworth, who was born in Milton County VT. When
they went west from Pittsburgh is not known, but it seems a farm was
purchased near Lexington, Ray County MO.
Other Framptons came into the vicinity of Ravenwood and other points.
Some time later, they were located in Hancock County IL. To this second
marriage, 4 children were born. Adaline, Sarah Montgomery, Adolphus and
William Martindale. Later Nathaniel and Laura parted. Laura took her
son, William Martindale, and emigrated to Utah with the Mormon people,
and William Martindale married there and practically all of his
descendants are members of the church of the Latter Day Saints.
Nathaniel married the third time, Lara Gillett, This marriage took
place near Cincinnati OH. No data has yet been secured of Lara. To this
marriage there were 6 children, James, who went to Georgia; George
Vernon, who was located in Commanche County OK; William Gillett, who
remained in IL; Lachoneus, of whom later; Josephine, who died yung; and
David A., who was located at Kansas City MO."

The rest dwells on Lachoneus, except the postscript, which sounds
hauntingly familiar, when he says "please write the author at once,
giving the full record of your family."

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