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Subject: [FRANCO] Riviere/Levere
Date: Sun, 8 Dec 2002 15:49:06 -0500

The Riviere’s were half siblings to my Michael Mouso. I am looking for any
descendents of these families.

Here is what I know about Marie Amable Ricard b. 1779 ( daughter of
Jean-Baptiste Ricard and Marie Joly) is that she married Jean Desilets
Mousseau 01-03-1802 at St. Jacques
Marie Amable and Jean had the following children: ( all in the St. Jacques
1.Marie Madelaide 26 March 1802
2.Eustache 1804-1813
3.Abraham 1807-1810
4.Michel Mousseaux 04 July 1811

Marie Amable Ricard then remarried to Francois LaRiviere (b.1796?) m.
October 18, 1814 in St. Jacques ( she would have been 35, he would have been
18 – do you think I have this right?)

Their children were:
1. Luke, Levi, Amos, Sophia, Israel , and Aliza Luke and Levi have
further records in the state of Michigan.

Marie, Francois, Michal Mouso and the Riviere half siblings were in NY state
and the Cornwall Ont area prior to 1825.

Just so that we consolidate what we know about the Riviere’s, here are
other ‘tidbits that I have from various places:

In St. Columban’s church records, Cornwall, Ont: Alexandre Riviere b. 1790 d
4 March 1863, children: Alexandre, Francis, John, Mary Riviere married to
Peter Gerveau ) Jarvo) Frank ran a furniture business on Cornwall Ont. I
have some newspaper clippings on this family.

St. Regis NY church records: Paul La Riviere, bapt. 24 Apr. 1842, son of
Gabriel and Marie Desrosiers. Sponsors were Paul Mulot and Marie Riviere

Other Northern NY records ( this is from John Austin’s site of Hogansburg

Revere, Pierre ( or Xavier) m. 29 Oct 1850 daughter of Pierre (Xavier)
and Mary Riviere Mary Ann Riviere b. 21 June 1852

Gabriel LaRiviere and Marie Deronge ( Do you think this is Israel??)
b. 24 April 1842, son Paul
b. 7 July 1844 son, Charles
b. March 17, 1850, son, Joseph

Marie LaRiviere m. April 1, 1845 to Francis La Vasseur ( La Vapeur)
b. 25 January 1846, a daughter, Mary Ann
b. 18 Sept 1848, son, Joseph Lavasseur
b. 23 Dec. 1849, a daughter, Margaret

Brasher, NY, 1870 Census

John Lavare age 66 b@1804 <mailto:b@1804> in Canada, wife Margaret age 59 b
@1811 in Canada children: Lewis Archibale, Electa, Amelia

Joseph Rivers age 48 b@ 1822 in NY, wife Margaret age 15 b. Ireland
children: John 22, Hiram 20, Joseph `7, George 16, Lesley 8

Levashour, Francis age 67 b. @1803 in Canada, wife, Mary 45 b@ 1825 in US
children: Mary 24, Frances (f) 23, Margaret, 18, Electa and Peter 15, John
11, George 2, Ada, 2 ( This record is important as it tells us that the
Riviere family was in NY in 1825 when Mary was born)

OK, so here are the questions:

1.Are any of these people the children of Francois LaRiviere and Marie
Ricard? It’s a pretty good guess that Gabriel and Israel are the same

2.Are the people mentioned in the Mousso family records related to this
group? We have a Luke, Gabriel, Mary and John Riviere mixed in with the
Mouso records, but if you notice, Paul Mulot is also listed in these records
as a sponsor of a Riviere and we think that the Mulot’s ( Mattot’s/Mylots)
were the family that Michael Mouso married into. Since we have only recently
started looking at the Riviere/LaRiviere/Levere’s, there may be a more
concret link.

Mary Frego Coates

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