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From: "Dick D Fox" <>
Subject: Lemuel Franks
Date: Mon, 11 Dec 2000 21:57:48 -0600

Larry Lawrence wrote me with new information on Lemuel Franks born ca 1785
in Georgia. The new information is the fact that Lemuel and his wife were
living in Parker County, Texas at the time of the 1860 census. The
following is an excerpt from my document titled the Caney Fork Franks with
the new information added.

Dick D. Fox, 1512 Parkview Drive, Lockhart, Texas 78644



This is speculation, but I believe this is the Lemuel Franks who
appears on the 1840 Searcy County, AR and 1850 Izard County,
AR censuses.

White Co, TN, 21 Oct 1818, Henry Franks to Lemuel Franks,
20 acres $40, land surveyed 17 Dec 1818. signed Henry Franks
(seal), witnesses: William Lawrence and Ezekiel Elledge.

White Co, TN County Court Minutes (1817-1819), Jul 1818,
Lemuel Franks, road overseer, Joseph Franks house to Caney

1820 Census: Not Found. Lemuel would have been 35 and his
wife would have been 30. Based on an 1830 Marion census,
they would have at least two daughters age 5-10 and one son
5-10 and one son 0-5. None of the Franks who made the 1820
White census have this family composition.

White County, TN, 7 Nov 1821, James Franks to Samuel Gann
10? acres, $76, signed James Franks (seal), witnesses John W.
Gann and Lemuel x Franks.

Warren County, TN Deed Book (1826-1828), 17 Jan 1824,
John Gann Senr of Warren to Lemuel Franks, 20 acres, $200,
land on south side of Caney Fork near where Lemuel Franks
lives, signed John x Gann Senr, witnesses Thomas Gann and
William Upchurch, ack ?3 Jan 1826, reg 28 Aug 1826.

1830 Census of Marion County page 165 Lemuel Franks 40-50
(45) and his wife is 30-40 (1211001-200201).

1840 Census of Searcy County, AR. Lemuel is 50-60 (55) and
his wife is 30-40 (00110001-002001). The age of his wife does
not match the 1830 Marion Census and it does not match the
1850 Izard Census. At least 3 of the sons from 1830 would have
left home.

1850 Census of Izard County, AR. Lemuel is 65 and from GA.
Nancy is 60 and from VA. There are no children in the
household. Lemuel’s age is consistent for the 3 censuses.

++++ New Information follows:

1860 Census of Parker County, Texas.
L Franks 74 W M farmer GA
M Fanks 72 W F domestic VA [I assume that M is a misread of N for Nancy.
Dick Fox]

From: Larry Lawrence <>

You will find Lemuel in Parker County in 1860 Sheet 463B, Dwelling 640,
Family 645. The URL for online viewing is . Lemuel
entered land on Walnut Creek in 1850's.
I am descended from William Lawrence of the 1818 Deed (witness) in White
Co., TN, of 1850 Izard County, AR (Rocky Bayou) along with James Lawrence
(relation unknown) whose wife was Cynthia Franks (Goodspeed History of Izard
County), daughter of Lemuel and Nancy Franks. James Lawrence was in Marion
Co., AL in 1830 near Lemuel. William is also missing in 1820, but James is
a widower in Lincoln Co., TN. If I find more specifics, I'll let you know.


There are other Franks in Izard County. James is 40 and from
TN. He fits in Lemuel’s 1830 household (age 20). Jacob is 26
from TN. He would have been 6 in 1830 and fits in Lemuel’s
household. He would have been 16 in 1840 and also fits in
Lemuel’s household.

Berry Franks age 60 SC and his family are also on the 1850
Izard Census and I have not found him elsewhere. He has a
younger wife (35) and several young children (9 months to 21
years). His children’s ages indicate that he was in AL by at least
1829 and arrived in AR between 1848 and 1849.

Jeremiah Franks, also born in GA, and who was about Lemuel’s
age and who named one of his sons Lemuel moved to Fulton
County, AR in the 1850’s. His land in Fulton was near Izard
and actually became part of Izard in the 1860’s.

Lemuel Franks first appears on the White, TN tax lists of
1811-1822 but not later years.

White County Court Minutes (1817-1819) - LEMUEL
FRANKS, road overseer, Jul 1818, JOSEPH FRANKS house to
Caney Fork, page 194 (Note: This could be either Lemuel.)

White County Court Minutes (1817-1819) - Deed for 20 acres,
HENRY FRANKS to LEMUEL FRANKS acknowledged 21Oct
1818, page 257. (Note: This could be either Lemuel.)
Notes from V. Ashley:
LEMUEL, JOHN and JEREMIAH FRANKS stated they were born in Georgia in 1850.
JACOB, JOSEPH and PETER FRANKS were in Wilkes and Franklin County, Georgia
before 1786 when JACOB appraised the estate of ELISHA THURMOND with BURRELL

BURRELL POPE had married PRISCILLA WOOTEN. He was born 1752 in Virginia and
died in Wilkes County, Georgia in a part that is now Oglethorpe County.Their
daughter ANN POPE born 1780 married NOAH HILL born 1771, the son of ABRAHAM
HILL born 1732 in Chowan County, North Carolina. Abraham moved to Wake
County, North Carolina in 1785. JACOB FRANKS received a 640 acres land
grant in 1782 in the same county. JACOB, JOSEPH and PETER FRANKS paid taxes
in Wilkes County, Georgia between 1792 and 1794.

LEMUEL, "LUM" FRANKS was a poll tax payer in 1812. He and his family lived
in Izard County, Arkansas in 1850. LEMUEL was born 1785 in Georgia. NANCY,
his wife, was born 1797 in Virginia. She was most likely his second wife,
as JAMES FRANKS lived nearby and he said he was born 1810 in Tennessee.
JAMES lived in Alabama in 1842 and was in Arkansas by 1845.

LEMUEL and SAMUEL GANN witnessed for the land JAMES FRANKS sold in White
County in 1822 to JOHN W. GAWN (sic). A second son of LEMUEL, JACOB FRANKS
born 1824 in Tennessee with his wife, MARGARET born 1825 in Kentucky lived
in the area. Both JAMES II and JACOB had sons named THOMAS.

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