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From: P Beaven <>
Subject: UCF & accents in searches
Date: Mon, 19 Jan 2004 11:22:50 +0000

I have recently been looking at searches to see how they treat either
UCF or accented letters. My conclusions are that in both cases these are
ignored by a standard search.

Is this correct? It is not mentioned in the Help page as such.

I realise that by selecting 'Phonetic search surnames' it is possible to
search for accented letters but some people may not realise this is
necessary, particularly if the use of an accent has been discontinued in
recent times. Am I correct in saying that accented characters are
excluded to simplify search procedures; or is this a case of reverse

On a different subject related to the Help page; under Districts it
'Select multiple entries by holding down the SHIFT key before clicking.'

A more useful comment would be
'Select multiple entries by holding down the CTRL key and click on each
District, or use the SHIFT key and click to select a range.'

A similar comment is included for 'Counties'. ( I would think that
normally the Ctrl key would be most useful)

UCF characters

When transcribing page numbers you often have to enter, for example,
[38] . The search engine appears to ignore this. This would be
particularly important when searching for a spouse if one partner is
recorded with an unresolved page number. A potential partner would help
track down a solution. Is it worthwhile including such entries in
searches? Or do we have to wait until all uncertain entries have been

Peter Beaven

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