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From: Peter Haver <>
Subject: Re: Dist;Vol help
Date: Thu, 22 Mar 2001 12:43:44 +0000
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Aysgarth is a small but picturesque town in the north riding of
Yorkshire, on the River Ure, a few miles from Askrigg. It is marked on
my map of registration districts but presumably has been omitted from
the standard Speedbmd list.

As always, I suggest you type what you see - Aysgarth;9d - and then add
it to your list.

Peter Haver
(also a newcomer to this transcription effort but at least I know where
Aysgarth is!)

In message <>, Jim Mylotte
<> writes
>I'm reasonably new at this and I'm having a little difficulty with a
>Dist;Vol entry.
>I've come across it twice on the page that I'm currently transcribing.
>The entry looks like Aysgarth;9d but I can't get a hit on it.
>I've tried various combinations of the wildcards but I'm getting nowhere
>Ay gives only aylesbury;3a or Aylsham;4b in the pick list.
>;9d gives Askrigg as the closest match - loads of others but nothing close
>to what I'm looking for.
>Anybody got any idea as to what this place is or what I should enter other
>than *;*

Peter Haver

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