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From: "Allan Raymond" <>
Subject: Re: +PAGE's for double page scans
Date: Tue, 13 Jul 2004 18:48:37 +0100


The latter, where there are actually two pages to a scan.

Allan Raymond

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From: ESSERY Clive <>
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Date: 13 July 2004 10:12
Subject: RE: +PAGE's for double page scans

>Are you referring to the typed/printed pages where there are two columns of
>data, such as in the 1839 Marriages, or are you referring to scans where
>both the left and the right hand side pages have been scanned as one
>Clive Essery
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>From: Allan Raymond [mailto:]
>Sent: 09 July 2004 14:47
>Subject: +PAGE's for double page scans
>To Co-ordinators
>I thought I would run this past you before I arrange for either "Hints and
>Help Guide" or "Transcriber's Knowledge Base" to be changed, comments or
>suggested improvements to the wording is appreciated?
>The query revolves around double page scans (i.e. two Index pages to a
>scan). I've just noticed that some volunteers are not inserting a +PAGE to
>separate the two pages within the transcription.
>If the decision is taken to go down "Transcriber's Knowledge Base" route,
>I'm proposng the following addional Q & A.
>Q. What is the process for transcribing a double page scan (i.e. two
>pages to a scan)
>A. You transcribe the scan as one file and name the file exactly as if
>a one page scan.
>For example, the double page scan 1874b4-520 would have a file name
>You also need to add three +PAGEs, one at the start of the entries, one at
>the end of the entries and a further one in the middle of the entries to
>denote the end of the first index page and the start of the second.
>For example, the file for the double page scan 1874b4-520 would contain the
>following +PAGEs
>WAKEFIELD,Henry John,Coventry,6d,516
> other entries on first page down to
>WALGROVE,John William,"Bradford, Y",9b,258
>WALKER,Charles,W. Bromwich,6b,849
> other entries on second page down to
>WALKER,Martha Ann,Medway,2a,493
>Allan Raymond
>I th
>Sorry for the delay.
>> You upload as one file with the appropriate +PAGE, to separate the actual
>> two pages of the Index.
>> Thus, if you were transcribing a double page scan such as
>> File name would be similar to 1871B40342.
>> The file +PAGE's would be:
>> +PAGE,0342
>> Owens,John etc
>> ... (other page 342 entries)
>> Page,Herbert Frank etc
>> +PAGE,0343
>> Page,Horace Archibald etc
>> ... (other page 113 entries)
>> Palmer,Emma etc
>> +PAGE,0344
>> To add to the confusion the two page scan which I choose at random also
>> Surnames "Page".
>> How does my suggestion sound to you?
>> To my recollection, we haven't given any advice on how to deal with two
>> scans. I'll see of I can put some words together within the next day or
>> Co-ordinators can thrash out by best approach.
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