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From: Dave Mayall <>
Subject: Re: "File already exists"...
Date: Wed, 5 Apr 2006 10:08:41 +0100
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Quoting Richard Oliver <>:

> Can't think why I never heard of this happening before - please, someone:
> what's the blindingly obvious answer?
> My Syndicate is second-keying 1906 Marriages, June Quarter. A new volunteer
> wants to upload her first transcribed file 1906M2C0072 to the database, but
> receives the message: "this file already exists". Well, of course it
> does, another transcriber has already first-keyed it. So how can
> second-keying work if the second version of the file is rejected?

This *isn't* caused by the exsistence of the same file under another
volunteer's ID.

It is (almost invariably) caused by the transcriber double clicking the submit
button, causing the file to try and upload twice in quick succession.

Dave Mayall

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