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From: "Linda and Mick" <>
Subject: RE: Deletion of Volunteers From FreeBMD
Date: Sat, 11 Apr 2009 09:27:22 +0100
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You have me down as not wishing to receive notification of this. Can you
change that so I do get them.


Linda Bailey

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From: Allan Raymond [mailto:]
Sent: 10 April 2009 15:11
Subject: Deletion of Volunteers From FreeBMD

My regular reminder to Syndicate Co-ordinators about the ongoing process to
delete from the FreeBMD database those volunteers who haven't uploaded any
records even though they have been registered on FreeBMD for 8 months or so.

Co-ordinators are advised in advance of any volunteer to be deleted from the
database and given a nominal two weeks in which to respond. (Note: Any
Co-ordinator who doesn't wish to receive the
advance notification is quite welcome to advise me of this requirement, in
fact it saves me some work - see list at bottom of "opt" out Co-ordinators)

Co-ordinators are requested to check their "Syndicate Maintenance" for
details of any volunteers deleted by me as explained in . The deleted volunteers
are shown at the bottom of the "Current Submitters" window of the Maintain
Syndicate page.

This will give Co-ordinators opportunity to reallocate any transcription
work given to the deleted volunteers.

As this is a two way exercise, I would highly recommend to all Co-ordinators
they check their "Upload Reports" via

in conjunction with "Show file" at:

to establish if long standing allocations to their volunteers have been
transcribed and uploaded to FreeBMD. I have assumed this process to be part
of the checking process adopted by all Co-ordinators.

This check should identify volunteers who registered a while ago but have
not uploaded any files.

This will prevent me inadvertently deleting a volunteer in error. There are
safeguards in place to prevent me deleting a volunteer who has uploaded one
or more records.


Allan Raymond

Co-ordinators who have advised they DO NOT wish to receive advance

Ian Brooke
Tony McHugh
Debbie Valentine
Linda Bailey
Kevin Howell

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