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From: Bob & Janice Freeman< >
Subject: Re: FREEMAN, Edmund - founder of Sandwich MA
Date: Sat, 25 Oct 1997 20:46:08 -0700 (PDT)

>I am descended from Edmund FREEMAN baptized 1596 in St. Mary's Pulborough
>Essex England m. Elizabeth GRAVELY? in England d. 1682 ae 92 in Sandwich,
>Barnstable Co MA. [..snip..]
I'm hoping to fill in some holes and become acquainted
>with some "cyber cousins".
>Jana Wellman Ulrich

Hi, Jana (and others of the Edmund Freeman line)

There is some good research that has pinned down the two wives of Edmund
Freeman pretty well, I think. His first wife and the mother of all his
children, Bennett Hodsoll is discussed in the Freeman chapter in the
Dawes-Gates Genealogy, published back in the 1930's and 1940's (let me know
if you need the exact reference). Much more recently, it was discovered
that the Elizabeth he married and who came to New England with him was
Elizabeth Raymer. This is documented in the "Elizabeth (Who?)...." article
cited below. It took me quite a while to find a library that stocked the
issues of Second Boat, but the Sturgis Library in Sandwich (or is it
Barnstable?), Mass. was able to supply a photocopy to me.

Person: Edmund Freeman

* Married to Bennett Hodsoll, 16 June 1617 at Cowfold, Sussex, England

* Moved, ca. 1619 to Billinghurst, Sussex, England

* Bennett Hodsoll died 12 April 1630 at Pulborough, Sussex, England

* Married to Elizabeth Raymer, 10 August 1632 at Shipley, Sussex, England

* Cited in Elizabeth (Who?) Freeman, Mary (Who?) Freeman Perry, Mrs.
Sarah (Who?) Perry of Sandwich, Plymouth Colony. Second Boat, v. 5, n.
1, pp. 15, 17, 18 (May 1984)

* Cited in Edmund Freeman of Sandwich, Mass. Second Boat, v. 5, n. 1, pp.
15, 16, 18 (May 1984)

Edmund Freeman was born in Pulborough, Sussex in 1596. While he lived
most of his pre-emigration life in Pulborough, M.W. Ferris in
"Dawes-Gates" presents evidence that the family lived in Billinghurst,
Sussex, from 1619 or 1620 for 7-8 years. Original English documents
are cited, with credit to Willis Freeman of Chicago.

Bennett Hodsoll, whom he married in 1617, bore him at least six
children before she died in 1630. Some sources believe there was
another daughter, named Cycella or Cicely, who was born in England and
died young. Edmund Freeman was long thought to have married Elizabeth
Beauchamp Perry, a widow, as his second wife. Her identification as
his wife was based on his close association with the Beauchamp family,
whose interests he represented in Plymouth Colony after his arrival in
New England. However, in the early 1980's, the record of the marriage
of Edmund Freeman to Elizabeth Raymer was discovered in the parish
register of Shipley, a town near Pulborough, and she is now thought to
be the Elizabeth who was his second wife and who accompanied him to New

As described in Banks's "The Planters of the Commonwealth", the ship
"Abigail" of London sailed from Plymouth on August 1, 1635 with 220
persons and many cattle. It arrived in Boston on October 8, 1635
infected with smallpox. Aboard were Edmund Freeman, aged 34, gentlemen
of Pulborough, Sussex, Mrs. Elizabeth Freeman, 35, Alice Freeman, 17,
Edward [i.e. Edmund] Freeman, 15, Elizabeth Freeman, 12, and John
Freeman, 8. Another daughter, Mary, who married the Edward Perry
mentioned in Edmund Freeman's will, was not listed among the
passengers. She may have been born in New England. Her supposed
marriage year of about 1653 makes it likely that, if she was not aboard
the "Abigail", she may have been born while Edmund and his wife still
resided at Saugus (Lynn) before they removed to Sandwich.

As a footnote, I'm of the line of Samuel Freeman, the immigrant who settled
in Watertown, Mass. in 1630, but interested in all the early Freeman lines
in New England.

Bob Freeman
Edmonds, WA

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