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From: "Andre P. Cramblit" <>
Subject: Why The Census Matters To Me
Date: Fri, 18 Feb 2000 10:40:53 -0800

As many of you can tell by the post I have been sending I am interested in
making sure American Indians and Alaska Natives are accurately counted in
the upcoming census.

It is not only important to participate in Census 2000 to properly fund
the programs and services provided to our people, it is also an opportunity
to reclaim our heritage.

On my fathers side my Great Grandmother was full blooded Creek from
Alabama. The Census of 1880 was conducted, in Alabama, mostly by members
of the Klu Klux Klan. If you responded with anything other than white then
you would get a visit later on. My Grandmother replied white and then
passed lived as a white person until she was dying when she told her family
of her heritage.

If you have Native blood please ensure that our descendants are not further
separated from their cultural heritage.

André Cramblit, Operations Director

The Northern California Indian Development Council ( )
NCIDC is a non-profit organization that helps meet the social, educational,
and economic development needs of American Indian communities. NCIDC
operates a fine art gallery and gift boutique featuring the best of
American Indian Artist's and their work, with emphasis placed on the work
of the Tribes of N.W. California.

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