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Subject: Joseph & Martha FRENCH are children of Simon FRENCH & Hulda LYLES -- Jefferson Co. TN/Moultrie Co. IL
Date: Mon, 12 Jul 2004 19:24:41 -0500

List Members,

I have reached the conclusion that Joseph & Martha are children of Simon
FRENCH and Hulda LYLES based on circumstantial evidence. I present my
information to the list and welcome hearing from anyone who has additional
information relating to these FRENCH's.

Jeanette S. French

Joseph and Martha FRENCH

Simon FRENCH (son of William FRENCH of Jefferson County, TN) and wife Hulda
LYLES had at least four children. Based on circumstantial evidence, I have
concluded that Joseph FRENCH (married Emily STALEY) and Martha FRENCH
(married Jessie WARREN)are 2 of those children.

1. My Joseph FRENCH was born in 1833 in Tennessee.

2. Assume his father was at least 16 at the time he was born, then his
father was born 1817 or before.

3. Based on the birthdates from the old FRENCH bible (recorded in the
FRENCH Family History provided by Roberta Bettis) there are 4 FRENCH males
who are potential fathers: Simon b. 1804, Joseph b. 1805, William b. 1814
and Augustus b. 1816.

4. Joseph has a son Joseph in his hshld in 1850 Clinton Co. IL census when
our Joseph is shown in the Didama [French] and James Elder hshld in Moultrie
Co., IL. It is not likely he had two living sons both named Joseph.

5. Augustus is still in Jefferson Co., TN in 1850 and has a son, Joseph O.,
in his hshld.

6. William is in Moultrie Co and has a son, Augustus, b. December 19, 1833
in IL Therefore, Joseph, born April 1833 in TN, would not be his son.

7. Simon married Hulda Lyles before 1840 [Marriage recorded in Jefferson
County, TN) and has 4 children shown in the 1840 Census--they have a boy &
girl under 5 and a boy & girl 5 and under 10.

8. I find no mention of Simon FRENCH in any documents after 1841 although
he was mentioned on Deeds, tax lists and census records prior to 1841.

9. "Simon lived and died in Tennessee" according to Aunt Cinda's
conversations - documented in the Myer's French family history.

10. From the record of the Dumplin Baptist Church; Jefferson Co., TN, 1842,
Oct 14
"Dismissed by letter Cassindra French, Anney French, Sarah French
[JF-Moses' wife] & Huldah French [JF- Simon's wife], . . . John French & Cas
[Carr] French." [This appears to be in preparation for the family move to IL
and may indicate the move was made in 1842 rather than 1843]. Simon had
joined this church but is not listed with the other family members when they
received their letter of dismission.

11. Joseph's obituary says he came to Illinois with his mother and
grandparents and lived with an uncle until he was 21. I conclude from this
that his father did not accompany the mother and child(ren) when they came
to Illinois. Joseph FRENCH is found living with Diadama French and James
Elder in the 1850 Census, Moultrie, Illinois. I conclude that the uncle he
refers to is his Aunt Diadama's husband. I recently found in his
STALEY-FRENCH family bible a clipping from a newspaper of Diadama French
Elder's obituary.

12. Simon's siblings were found living in Moultrie, Edgar and Clinton
counties, Illinois and in Jefferson County, Tennessee. I cannot locate any
records of Hulda Lyles/Simon French after the French clan move to Illinois.
Simon's father and step-mother died before 1850 in Clinton Co. IL.

13. Joseph's obituary says they moved to Sutherland [Sullivan] Illinois.

14. Martha FRENCH, age 17, is living with Mary Ann ELDER and her husband,
Madison WALKER, 1850 census. Mary Ann is the daughter of Diadama FRENCH &
James ELDER who recently married.

15. There is a marriage record for Martha FRENCH & Jesse A WARREN in
Moultrie Co. IL dated September 29, 1850.

16. Joseph married Emily STALEY and they named their first son George Simon
FRENCH. Emily's father is named George. 'Simon' is not a name found in the
STALEY family line. There is a marriage record for Joseph FRENCH & Emily
STALEY in Moultrie Co. IL dated January 24, 1861.

17. Descendants of Emily STALEY & Joseph FRENCH and descendants of Martha
FRENCH and Jessie WARREN were living in Tryon, McPherson Co. Nebraska in the
1900's and the families acknowledged that they were related.

It is probable, based on circumstantial evidence, that Simon has died and
that his wife, Hulda LYLES, and children moved to Illinois with the FRENCH
clan -- two of those children being Joseph and Martha FRENCH who are found
in Moultrie County, Illinois in the 1850 Census, living with relatives.

Jeanette S. French

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