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Subject: 1848-1850 - Younger Lafford FRENCH & Hugh MOORE in Spartanburg
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Spartanburg District Conveyances Transcribed by Betty Jean Foster Dill
From SC Archives Microfilm C 609 (UP) records for 1848-1850.

p. 471-472. 8 March 1850. Mortgage. Eli Johnson of Spartanburg Dist, for
$517 which I am in debt to Sandford G. Seay for land together with interest
by reference to six notes I have given said Seay and have sold to Seay the
following articles of personal property, one bay mare, three head of cattle,
two cows and one yearling, 23 head of hogs, one Still and Stands and all the
house hold and kitchen furniture that I am now in possession of. If Eli
Johnson discharges the debt the bill of sale becomes void and of no effect.
Eli Johnson is to retain possession of the articles. Wit: Lefford French,
Benjamin D. Strickland. Signed, Eli Johnson. Witness oath, 9 March 1850:
Signed,Lefford French to J.B. Tolleson Clk & mag Ex. Registered 11th March

[JF: I believe this Lefford FRENCH is the grandson of the Rev War Lefford
and the son of John FRENCH, 1st son born of Lafford's 2nd marriage to
Elizabeth Gregory. Lefford transferred his Sparanburg property to his son
John just a year or two before he died.]

p. 53-54. 2 Feb 1848. Deed of Conveyance. H.C. Young & H.J. Dean of
Spartanburg Dist, to Simpson Bobo of Spartanburg Dist, for $1000, sold
seventeen hundred acres (1700) on Thickety Creek waters of Packolet river
whereon Hugh Moore formerly lived bounded by Holeman Smith, William Brice,
So. Car. Man. Company, Samuel Otterson & others. Wit: Thos O.P. Vernon, O.E.
Edwards. Signed, H.C. Young, H.J. Dean. Witness oath, 2 July 1848: Thos O.P.
Vernon, to J.B. Tolleson, Clerk & Mag. Exfo. Release of dower, 13 May 1848:
Wife of H.J. Dean, signed Mary Owen Dean, to O.E. Edwards, Notary Public &
Mag. Ex officio. Registered 18 August 1848.

p. 226-227. 5 June 18496 [looks like a 6 written over a 9]. Deed of Gift.
I, Elizabeth Moore of Spartanburg Dist, for the love and affection which I
have for Robert Moore My Grandson, Eldest son [of] William Moore, I give
unto the said Robert Moore one sorrel Mare colt Two Years old this spring
and also for the love and affection which I have for my Grandson William
Davis Moore son of the same, I do give unto him one Sorrel Mare 7 years old
called Martha and the Increase of the mare if any should go to my Grand
Daughter Elizabeth Moore Daughter of the same. I do give to the above three
named children one cow and yearling & one Calf and I do give unto my Three
above named Grand children all my House Hold Furniture and Kitchen furniture
with the exception of one Bed & furniture which I give unto my beloved son
Hugh Moore to Execute the above Deed of Gift. Test: G.W. Poole, Hezekiah
Willis, John Moore. Signed, Elizabeth (x) Moore. Witness oath, 7 May 1849:
Signed, Hezekiah Willis to J.B. Tolleson, Clk & Mag Ex iffo. Registered 8th
May 1849.

[JF: Children of Elizabeth Moore of Spartanburg Dist: William and Hugh
Children of William Moore: Robert, William Davis, Elizabeth. This may have
been the Hugh Moore shown in Spartanburg in 1800 & 1810]

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Do you know when Hugh Moore moved from SC to KY/TN area? The reference to
Goucher Baptist Church minutes -- this would place him in SC quite a bit
after 1800.
I didn't copy the exact dates when he is mentioned in these records.
Well, Jeannette, the Frenches traveled by Jet plane, but Hugh Moore must
have owned a private Jet as in 1800, he is listed in both Spartanburg and
Pendleton Counties, SC and in 1810 he is listed in both Spartanburg, SC and
Co., KY.

He signed the estate records of his brother, Wiliam Moore in Montgomery
TN in 1813 and was called "of Montgomery Co., TN", as was Simon French. We
know that Simon was of Christian Co., KY which was, just, across the
but there are many records missing for Montgomery Co., TN, so I can not
whether or not either of them lived there. I haven't found any of William
Moore's deeds even though his estate records gives permission to sell his

I checked Hugh Moore's Rev. War record and they do not ask where he moved
and when.

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