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From: David French <>
Subject: Re: Phillip French, Hancocks & MacIlwean's
Date: Mon, 23 May 2005 19:51:38 -0400
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Hi Julia,

We think there may possibly be some connection with Phillip French of Bath to my Joseph French, Sr., but we have not found
any extant records yet. Joseph French, Sr. who is mentioned as a 12 year old orphan in Carteret County, North Carolina in
1738/9. This would make his birth year about 1726/7. He was bound to Hector Handcock. My Joseph later appears in
Onslow County, North Carolina which is a next to Carteret & Craven Counties. There is no mention of his parents or his
relation to Hector.

There is also a Richard French of Perquimmans County, North Carolina whose will is dated 13 April 1716. It mentions his
wife Elizabeth French. His land adjoined John and Susanna Old. Richard Skinner, Sarah Euerow? and Thomas ? were
witnessess. I will transcribe the wil once I return to North Carolina.

Also, it is interesting that you mention Francis MacIlwean of Craven County, North Carolina. He is also my ancestor. I
did not know that your Samuel and my Francis had any business dealings. This is very interesting.

I am going back to New Bern the first week of June to continue my French research. I will definitely keep a look out for
any and all references to Frenches of the early period of North Carolina. My cousins and I are planning on doing research
in most all of the counties that are on the eastern seaboard of North Carolina as well as the archives in Raleigh.


P. S. I will be updating the French DNA web site once I am settled in New Bern. I should have an update by the latter
part of June.

> Subject: Re: [FRENCH-L] Proof Joseph French, Raritan Landing, is NOT son of Joseph Fre...
> Date: Fri, 20 May 2005 23:54:18 EDT
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> I see that you have answered the question about Joseph in NC, Jeanette.
> This is the same place that my Samuel French was, however, in my research, I
> have never seen Joseph mentioned on the Tax lists, etc.
> I am remembering that a few nights ago, Dick French sent to me a list of
> those people transported into Bath, NC. The first perosn on the list was my
> ancestor William Hancock and his wife Elizabeth. This was in 1695. The Bath
> area later became, Craven Co., NC. At least all the people that I recognized on
> the list, later, lived in Craven Co., NC. I haven't found where William
> Hancock came from. Whereas, in states on the Atlantic coast like NJ and VA,
> transporting usually meant from England or other ports in Europe, but it is not
> possible to enter NC via the coast because of the dangerous waters and tides,
> so these people who came into NC came from other parts of Colonial America.
> What I am leading to, ever so slowly, is that in the list is Philip French. I
> have always dismissed this Philip as belonging, perhaps, to David French's
> ancestor, but I am thinking that he has told me that he has found no
> relationship with Philip French who was transported into NC in 1695. In the early days
> when I was trying to find the origins of Samuel French who was in Anson Co.,
> NC as early as 1748, I checked out all the neighbors and the people with
> whom he did business, as they are usually from the same place or related. Samuel
> French bought and sold land from and to a Francis MacIlwean. I knew from my
> days of researching my Hancocks that Francis was from Craven Co., NC so I
> dismissed him as being related or a friend, but, now, seeing that a Philip
> French went into Craven Co., NC in 1695, he could be the father of or related to
> Samuel French.
> Julia, thinking out loud, again.
> In a message dated 5/20/2005 3:19:24 P.M. Central Daylight Time,
> writes:
> o NC- Joseph French is in NC when he signs regulators petition 1769.
> o NC- Joseph French is being replaced in the Anson Co., NC militia as a Lt
> in 1770 with note: "removed from county"

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