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From: "Courtney Tompkins" <>
Subject: Re: [FTM-HELP] Saving to CD
Date: Sat, 29 Dec 2001 22:10:12 -0700
References: <000701c190e4$b0245980$77c1bfcb@bmr.net.au> <008301c190ec$50dfa440$fbc3b7d8@aquarius> <034a01c190ed$af1dcfe0$e1a61718@alex1.va.home.com>

The blue one is the "regular" one

The red one is the auto backup, it isn't compressed.

If you do "file, back up family file" and let it back up to the same place where the
others are at, it will make a "more squished" red one that is compressed.


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From: "ETM" <>

Isn't one compressed?


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From: "Courtney Tompkins" <>

> Blue is your file, red is the auto back up which is a copy of the same
> Courtney

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