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From: "E.Rodier" <>
Subject: Re: [FTM-HELP] Importing older FTM File into my new PAF 5.2 Program?
Date: Tue, 8 Jun 2004 07:28:44 -0600
References: <40C5A52B.4010401@mounet.com>

PAF expects notes to be split in the middle of words and will show
run-together words after a FTM GEDCOM import. PAF does not include marriage
notes in a "book" report and does not have built-in wall charts.

FTM GEDCOM will have notes split between whole words. If you transfer
between FTM and PAF, plan to check the spacing of each note after each file

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From: "Earl R. Hendry"
> I have just downloaded PAF 5 and need to import my previously completed
> family tree (back to 1692) from the old FTM file.

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