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From: "Charles A. Gustafson" <>
Subject: Re: [FTM-HELP] How enter new relative?
Date: Wed, 22 Dec 2004 15:32:35 -0500
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There is one Lawrence Surber listed for 1900 census. Ohio, Highland county, Conrad township Pg. 43b Image 22. Parents Willis V. and Ella Surber.
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Subject: [FTM-HELP] How enter new relative?

This is a problem I've never seen addressed. Maybe it is too simple and
everybody else understands it.

I am researching my paternal family line (Surber). We are a fairly large
family but all are related in some way all the way back to the Surb river in
Switzerland. Now and then I get information about someone I know is from one
of the sons of the original immigrant that came to this country in 1735, but
I don't know where to plug him in. Was he a descendant of John, Adam,
Jacob, Joseph, or Henry?

For instance -- I have "Lawrence Surber" the birthdate (1890) -- wife's
name, even children, his death date -- place of burial -- but which family
line was his? I want to enter him and all his information, I KNOW he is one
of us, but do I just guess which line he is from?

What if I know he is almost certainly from Jacob's line (mine) but I don't
know the fathers' names in between? There are many generations between "old
Jacob b. 1744" and my new relative who was b. 1890. (In this case, because
there was a genetic strain of deafness in Jacob's line, I am 99% sure which
line "Lawrence" is from.) But how do I get him from 1744 to 1890?

But what if I don't have a clue whose line the new person is from?
Example -- I find a family in the 1900 census whose head of household is a
Surber in Missouri, born in Kentucky, father b. VA (gotta be our family) but
I have no clue how to fit him in the database. How do you work back to the
original ancestor if you don't know who it was? Do you have to start a new
file each time and try to merge them later?

I don't know if this is clear or not. It sure confuses me. Any ideas
anybody? If so, please have Santa put them in my stocking -- this is an old
problem that has plagued me for a long time. I have a number of little files
on loose ends but I'd like to put them in the main FTM data base somewhere,
somehow. One of my New Years resolutions it to knit in some or all of these
loose ends.

Thanks, and Merry Christmas!

Jeanne Surber
Surber, Sickler, Smith,
Masters/Meister, Pratt, Stucker

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