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From: The Quineys <>
Subject: Re: [FTM-HELP] FTM 2005 Pedigree trees
Date: Sat, 26 Jan 2008 20:38:07 +0000
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Thank you, Ron

I feared that I would have to change all the contents, fonts and layout
each one individually but just hoped that I'd miss an option somewhere
which would allow me to copy everything over to another individual. Oh
well, worth a try ;-)

Thanks again
Heather Q

Genealogy Printers wrote:
>> I've spent some time refining the content and format of the pedigree
>> tree of my mother so that I can fit maximum content on minimum pages
>> ;-)
>> I can see the facility to copy this tree and re-name it. Is there a
>> way
>> of then *changing* the individual from which the tree originates? In
>> case this isn't very clear, in my case the first tree is of my mother.
>> I want to save the format and contents and then change the primary
>> individual (my mother) to my father to get his pedigree tree but in
>> the
>> same format with the same contents without having to go through and
>> recreate it.
> FTM has the ability to save most trees when you have customised them.
> You cannot save an all in one tree when customised but if you return to the
> source person who was on the family page when it was formed in the first
> palce and create that sort of tree again FTM will remember the customisation
> settings and recreate the tree the same as before.
> If you select a different person to form the same sort of tree FTM will not
> remember the customisation settings and will form the tree to it's default
> design spec.
> There are a few programs that you can save the tree design settings as a
> template so that you can recretae any tree to a saved "options design" but
> FTM is not one of them.
> Best wishes
> Ron
> www.genealogyprinters.com
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