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From: Bill Lewis <>
Subject: [FTM-HELP] Scanning photos
Date: Sat, 28 Jun 2008 05:38:53 -0700 (PDT)
In-Reply-To: <mailman.771.1214636752.24364.ftm-help@rootsweb.com>

As mentioned when you installed your Printer / scanner
software it should have installed a basic photo
program as well look under your Printers manufactur on
the program menu or from Start (In XP) choose Printers
and faxes click you will get another
pop up and on the left side should be Scanners and
cameras click here and your scanner should be listed
double click and the scanning program should appear.
This usually places the images in a folder under My
Documents or Images mine creates a folder with todays
date. You then need to use Windows Explorer to move
them where you want them.

If you have MS Office you have Either Microsoft Fax
and Photo Viewer or Microsoft Office Picture Manager
either of these have basic photo manipulation built in
Crop, Rotate, Brighten.

Google has Picasa2 for free it is a basic package for
organizing and viewing but has limited photo
manipulating built in.

ALSO a feature you should use open Windows Explorer
right click the image file or thumbnail and you get a
menu. Choose Properties and you get a pop up, at the
top choose Summary now at the bottom is a Comments Box
enter information on the picture here and click OK now
when the cursor "Hovers" on the file you will get a
Bubble with a few lines about the Image including a
line from the comments that you entered. Now when you
see the thumbnail you can also see the names and
relationship of the people in the photo. Why do this?
Because now this is a part of the File and it goes
with it when copied or shared with anyone the details
of the photo are always available. The Comments box
will hold a lot of text for headstones I put the
person how they are related their spouse and parents
names and then often include an Outline Descendant
report of 3 generations all of this information now
becomes a part of the image file and can never be

If you make a Photo CD all the information is there
you do not need to create an index and a seperate
document for the images. I include a read me file but
that is it. Now when images are copied from the CD the
documentation on the image is a part of the Image


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