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From: "Arnold Chamove" <>
Subject: [FTM-HELP] "Borrowed" data
Date: Wed, 3 Sep 2008 13:42:01 +1200
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Linda said, "...imagine my surprise when I found ALL OF MY RESEARCH on their
website for this family, ...hundreds of names that took me years of hard
work and a lot of collaboration with other researchers to put it together. "

I'd like some guidelines on the following two questions, because no one
likes annoying people:

1--What's the best way to reference info from someone else? GenaNet.org has
a place for thanking people (but I have not found out how to enter material
into that slot). [[And thanks Linda (in Costa Rica) for suggesting this
little gold mine, even if it has led to some burnt dinners.]]

2--How much info should be acknowledged? We folks often find a month to add
to a year or a baptismal date to add to a birth date or a marriage place or
date, and other small items; and, of course, we sometimes find big chunks of
data which took someone (possibly from Costa Rica) years to accumulate and

I use the rule: "what would I like done to me" but perhaps there are some
guidelines someone has run across.


Arnold in New Zealand

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