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From: "David C Abernathy" <>
Subject: Re: [FTM-HELP] Downloading Gedcoms
Date: Wed, 6 Oct 2010 09:19:01 -0700
References: <4CAC9DCF.80109@oregonfast.net>
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I would NOT be downloading GEDCOM from within FTM. I would open my browser,
and got location of this GEDCOM and download from there to a file to your
hard drive. I would then import it as a new Family tree, and have a look.
After having a good look, I MAY import it to my family, but in most cases I
type in the data I want, by printing out the different reports.

MOST GEDCOMs contain information that you MAY not want, it may not be easy
to catch it all.

I have found at times a large GEDCOM may get corrupted as it crosses the
internet, and you just need to try again. This may happen to any type of
large files and is not just a GEDCOM issue.

David C Abernathy
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Subject: [FTM-HELP] Downloading Gedcoms

I have been trying download gedcoms from Rootsweb.
the smaller ones go fine.
But when I try to do a large one it fails.
In the middle of the download a message pops up to say.
Has created an error and your FTM will close. You must restart FTM.
Is there a way around this problem.
I would dearly love to look over these gedcoms.
I am using FTM 16 with W2000.

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