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From: "Booth Court Social Club" <>
Subject: Re: [FTM-TECH] I'd Rather Be Doing Some Research
Date: Sat, 21 Jul 2007 11:45:44 +0100
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I agree with your coments and I chose to cary on doing research, I
mayconsider ftm2008 in about 9 months time. The only reason Ican see for
the upgrade is too make it compatable with Vista, on theasumption every one
will be using vista in the future and for me believing in choice now only
have XP on one machine my other two are now on Linspire.


On 7/21/07, BRCogburn <> wrote:
> At first I didn't plan to download the Beta - scared off by the caveats
> on the download page, but in reading the comments on the List, decided I
> really needed to see it in action for myself. But no way was I willing
> to import my 9000+ master file no matter how many back ups I have. At
> that point I wasn't even sure that the Beta download wouldn't override
> the existing FTM as with previous releases. Since it was made clear that
> any changes made in the Beta would not be transferable to the actual
> 2008 release anyway, why take a risk. I used a 1600 person test file
> instead.
> I think that the many things which were changed needlessly in 2008 Beta
> are aggravating the steep learning curve and making navigation so
> difficult. Surely the existing useful and efficient features in 2006/16
> could have been rewritten to the code for the new "from the ground up"
> 2008 easily. I have no technical background in programming, systems
> engineering etc. so maybe it is not as easy as it seems. I am just a
> typical senior citizen user somewhere toward the lower end of the middle
> range of computer comfort. . I do love the computer and am more than
> willing to explore new ideas and learn new things. When 2005 arrived it
> was certainly a shock to most users, but the relative ease of navigation
> made it much easier to appreciate the new features shortening the
> learning time to just a week or two. I can envision being bogged down
> with 2008 for months not weeks.
> For example, hiding reports and charts under the Publish button which to
> me indicated Books which don't interest me yet. It wasn't til I read on
> the List that Books weren't included in the Beta that I wondered what it
> could be for and discovered where to find charts and reports. Edit also
> accesses charts and reports but that isn't very intuitive either.
> Then there's another time consuming delay because of using tabs with new
> meaningless wording (Collection and Detail) having no previous context.
> Using the back arrow to return from Detail to Collection skipped that
> step and went back to the Person Page. Using the back arrow from the
> Places Screen which should have gone back to the Person page went to the
> Plan/Task screen instead (where I had never been).
> Preferences which is under File in 2006 and has 6 screen choices is
> another example. Now it is called Options and is located under Tools
> with only 3 choices.
> There seems no way to customize the tool bar and of course all the
> familiar icons are gone.
> I fail to see where any of these small things (and others too numerous
> to mention) are improvements. Compared to the Places Validation and
> Source Entry problems they are minor annoyances but add immeasurably to
> the frustration of trying to work efficiently with 2008. It is almost as
> if the Beta team went out of the way to find little things to mess up,
> ignoring that well known rule:
> "IF IT AINT BROKE DON'T FIX IT! There wasalready plenty to fix that
> could be improved.
> I was one of the people in the survey who indicated I would upgrade but
> keep my file in 2006/16. Now I am wavering about upgrading at all, much
> less right away. I won't preorder but wait until after 2008's actual
> release for reviews/comments about what is actually in the program, bugs
> already fixed (or unfixed), and/or any changes made based on the Beta
> feedback. The only reason I can see at this point for upgrading would be
> to avoid even greater learning curve problems with future generation
> upgrades as features are added or changed. That assumes one intends to
> keep FTM as their primary software for family history research..
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