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From: Clay Fulcher <>
Subject: John Fulcher of Texas
Date: Thu, 18 Dec 1997 18:41:32 -0800

TXJEAN wrote:
> Sure would like to find these myself and maybe the other folks too if
> possible....Is it possible to share the data on the John Fulcher b.
> 1798 TN (son of Francis Fulcher) and he was in early TX (Milam Co., TX
> nee District) and Bell Co., TX...Thanks TXJEAN

Hi Tex:

Here is a transcription of the text from the newsletter on John Fulcher.
Please excuse the typos.--Clay

"This interesting article on his Fulcher line written by Joseph M.
Jordan, 1465 Lyle, Beaumont, Tex. 77701.

JOHN FULCHER b. 1798 in Tennessee, d. 17 Mar. 1852 in Milam or Bell Co.,
Texas, buried Locklin Cem, Milam Co., Tex. m. Mary Josephine _____, she
b. 1 Dec. 1806 in Louisiana, d. 2 Jan. 1871 in _____ Texas, buried
Locklin Cem, Milam Co., Tex.

John came to Texas because of the panic of 1819. He is found in Texas as
early as 9 June 1826 in the Aysh Bayou district near Nacogdoches, Tex. In
1834 he and his fam. moved to the Robertson colony (now Bell County).
John rec'd a grant for 1 league or 4,428 acres. The location of the grant
can be described as being about 7 mi. below the Three Forks of San Andres
on Little River.

John served in the Army of the Republic of Texas from July 25, 1836 to
Nov. 25, 1836 and being honorably discharged was entitled to 320 acres,
which he rec'd. Ch. by his wife Mary J. Fulcher:

Willis J. Fulcher b. 1832 in Texas
Emiline Fulcher b. ____ in Texas
Henry C. Fulcher b. 1835 in Texas
Martha Ann Fulcher b. 1838 in Texas
Francis Theodore Fulcher b. 1840 in Texas
Nathaniel P. Fulcher b. 1843 in Texas
John E. Fulcher, b. 1847 in Texas
Mary A. Fulcher b. 1849 or 1850 in Texas
Amanda Pauline Fulcher b. 6 July 1849 in Texas

Next known Fulcher generation: FRANCIS THEODORE FULCHER b. 1840 in Bell
or Milam County, Texas, d. _____ in Williamson Co., Texas. Buried in
Granger Cem., Williamson Co., Texas, m. in Williamson or Milam County ca,
1866-1867 to Emily Hannah Stanton. She b. 1842 in Louisiana, d. 24 Dec,
1930 in _____ Texas, bur. Granger Cem.

Francis enlisted in the Confederate Army in the fall of 1861. Mustered in
20 Jan. 1862, Company D, 18th Regiment Texas Volunteer Cavalry. He was
captured at Arkansas Post 11 Jan. 1863, imprisoned at Camp Douglas,
Chicago, Ill. On being exchanged, spring of 1863, he served east of the
Mississippi. He fought in the Battle of Atlanta, Ga. May-Sept. 1864, and
Hood's Tennessee Campaign Oct.-Dec., 1864.

Ch. by his wife Emily H. Fulcher: Amanda Fulcher b. 1868. Oscar Nathaniel
Fulcher b. 1872, Rose or Rosa Emily Fulcher, b. 1874. All 3 ch. b. in

Next known Fulcher generation: OSCAR NATHANIEL FULCHER b. 1872 in
Williamson Co., Tex. d. 1949 in Borger, Texas, Bur. in Granger Cem,
Granger, Texas. m. 1897 in Granger, Tex. to Melvina Farr, she b. 1874
near Granger, Texas, buried Granger Cem. Ch. by his wife: 1. John
Theodore Fulcher, b. 1897; 2. Martha Ann Fulcher; 3. Willie Amanda
Fulcher; 4. Emily Josephine Fulcher b. 1916.

Next known Fulcher generation: JOHN THEODORE FULCHER, SR. b. 11 Oct. 1897
in Granger, Texas. d. Jan. 1951 in Taylor, Texas, buried in Granger Cem.
m. 13 Aug. 1932 in Vilallama, Nuevo Leon, Mexico to Adeline Marie
Gonzalez y Chapa, she b. 16 Jan. 1908 in Salunas Hidalgo Nuevo Leon,

John served on the Mexican Border Patrol in 1916 as a Texas Ranger during
the Mexican Civil Revolution. Also he was a 2nd Lt. 142nd Infantry, 36th
Division, in the American Expeditionary Forces during W.W.I. He received
the Croix de Guerre and the Purple Heart.

Ch. by his wife: 1. Vina May Fulcher, b. 1933 in Houston, Texas. 2. John
Theodore Fulcher, b. 1937 in Houston, Texas.

Next known generation: VINA MAY FULCHER, b. 4 May 1933 in Houston, Texas,
m. 8 Nov. 1952 in Austin, Tex. to Daniel W. Jordan II, he b. 14 April
1932 in Orange, N.J.

Vina received her B.A. degree from Lamar University in Spanish. Divorced
14 Dec. 1971 in Beaumont, Texas. Children:

1. Daniel William Jordan III
2. Charles Russell Jordan
3. Adeline Marie Jordan
4. Catherine Mary Jordan
5. Joseph Martin Jordan
6. Madeline Mary Jordan
7. Mary Teresa Jordan
8. Mary Margaret Jordan

I Joseph Jordan certify that the foregoing is true and correct to the
best of my knowledge and belief. (signed) Joseph M. Jordan. Subscribed
and sworn to before me, at Beaumont, Texas this 28th day of December,
1973. (Signed) William H. Gee, Notary Public in and for Jefferson County,

Sources of Joseph M. Jordan:

1. Copy of land grant No. 349 to John Fulcher for services in the Army of
the Republic of Texas.

2. Milam County, Texas Records by Mrs. Martin and Hill, pp. 31, 134, 135.

3. Bell County, Texas Records by Mrs. Martin and Hill, pp. V, VI, 81.

4. An Abstract of the Original Titles of Record by Mary Lewis Ulmer. -- a
list of Titles issued by William H. Steel in 1834 and 1835, pp. 157, 158.

5. History of Bell County by George W. Tyler, pp 16, 19, 24, 28, 29, 38,
82, 97, 112, 113, 122, 124, 130, 213, 216.

6. 1850 Census of Milam County, Texas, taken 23 Sept. 1850, p 8, house
no. 276, family no. 289.

7. 1850 Census of Williamson County, Texas, taken June 12, 1880, p. 21.

8. Cross of Military Service (Award) Citation from the Daughters of the
Confederacy, number 3909, signed by the President-General U.D.C. Ruth
Jeanings Stanton.

9. Marriage certificate of John Theodore Fulcher and Adeline Marie
Gonzales y Chapa de Salinas Hidalgo--August 13, 1932 in Villaldama, N L,

10. Birth certificate of Vina May Fulcher, May 4, 1933 in Houston, Texas.

11. Marriage certificate of Vina May Fulcher and Daniel William Jordan
Jr. of Jordanhil November 8, 1951 in Austin, Texas.

12. Birth certificate of Joseph M. Jordan, July 13, 1959 in San Antonio,

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