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From: "Roberta R. (Fulton) Hirth" <>
Subject: Robert Fulton (Steamboat) family
Date: Sat, 03 May 1997 16:27:08 -0400

Dear Penny Peak,
You asked for information regarding the wife and children of =

Robert Fulton (steamboat). I have not really investigated
much of his descendancy, but rather have focused on his
ancestors because of a possible tie-in with my elusive
Henry Fulton b. after 1660 to 1685 in Dalkeith, Scotland,
moved to Londonderry, Ireland early 1700s m. Mary Brown =

in Londonderry, Ireland, d. bef 1769 in Londonderry, Ireland
and perhaps was the grandfather of steamboat Robert. Well
so much for family lore....

The following I have copied from several secondary sources,
and most of them do not document their data with primary =

sources. Since I have no idea about the validity of this
information, please treat it accordingly with a critical eye.
And I tried not to make typing mistakes....

This data will display best if you have your mail browser
set to a non-proportionally spaced (non-variable) font.

Roberta R.(Fulton) Hirth
Harriman, New York, 10926

Descendants of Robert Fulton, the father of Robert Fulton,
the steamboat inventor.
1 Robert FULTON b: Abt 1730 in (some say in Lancaster Co. PA,
some say Kilkenny, Ireland, others say Londonderry, Ireland),
d: Abt 1774 in ? Lancaster Co., PA
+ Mary SMITH b. 1734, m. ca 1759, d. 1799 Washington Co., PA
there may have been a first wife described as a =93Lass from =

Londonderry, Ireland=94
2 Margaret =93Peggy=94 Elizabeth =93Betsy=94 FULTON =

b: Abt 1760 in ?, , Lancaster, PA, d: Abt 1825
+Abraham SCOTT - b: 1814, m. 5 Sept 1780 Trinity Lutheran
Church in Lancaster, Lancaster Co. PA
3 Mary =93Polly=94 SCOTT b. ca. 1784
+ William GRIMES
3 Thomas D. SCOTT b. 1785
3 Elizabeth =93Betsy=94 SCOTT b ca. 1788, d 1825
+ John MOORE b 1788,m. 1808-9 Wash Co.PA, d 1830
moved to Harrison Co. OH > Muskingum Co OH 1817
4 Eliza Moore b. 1810, d. 1897
+William WILLIS b. 1790, m 1849, d 1854 =

in ?Louisa Co. Iowa
5 William Cass WILLIS b. 1851 in Muskingum, OH
teenager in Iowa, adult in Galesburg,
Neosho Co. KS
5 Louis Kossuth WILLIS b. 1852
+ Alice Elmo COMER m 23 Jan 1882
6 Louis Elmo WILLIS b 20 Apr 1883
+ unknown
7 Richard Elmo WILLIS,Shawnee
Mission,KS =

4 Maria Jane Moore d. 1895
4 Nancy Moore =

2 --unknown son FULTON b: Abt 1761 in Lancaster, PA
2 Isabella =93Bell=94 FULTON b: Abt 1763 in Lancaster, PA, =

d: Abt 1834
+Pedian (Peyton) COOKE b: 1761, m ca 1789
3 David COOKE b. 1787
3 Robert Fulton COOKE b. 1788, d 1845
+ Elizabeth WHITE
3 Eliza COOK b 1 April 1790
+ George Wyeth
2 Robert(steamboat) FULTON, Jr b:14 Nov 1765 in Little
Britain Twp, Lancaster Co, PA
d: 24 February 1815 in NYC, Manhattan Co, NY
+ Harriet LIVINGSTON m 7 or 8 Jan 1808 =

3 Robert Barlow FULTON,b.16 Oct 1808, died =

unmarried in 1841
3 Julia FULTON b 13 April 1810, d. 1848
+ Charles BLIGHT
4 Charles BLIGHT (married, but no issue)
4 Mary Fulton BLIGHT
+ Francis Macrea (no issue)
4 Robert Fulton BLIGHT d. 1899
+ Mary STILL (no issue)
3 Cornelia Livingston FULTON b. 6 Aug 1812
+ Edward Charles CRARY m. 20 June 1831
4 Robert Fulton CRARY, D.D.(Rev) - resided =

in Poughkeepsie, NY
+ Agnes Boyd VAN KLEECK
5 Cornelia Fulton CRARY
5 Alice CRARY
+ Arthur Taylor SUTCLIFFE
5 Edith Livingston CRARY
+ Charles H. Van B. ROBERTS
5 Robert Fulton CRARY, Jr.
4 Edward Francis CRARY (not married)
4 Charles Franklyn CRARY (unmarried)
4 Ella Cornelia CRARY
+ Herbert. H. CAMMANN or CAMERON, Esq.
5 Edward Crary CAMERON
5 Robert Fulton CAMERON
5 Hermann Muhlenberg CAMERON
5 Herbert Schuyler CAMERON
4 Lena Herbert CRARY
3 Mary Livingston FULTON
+ Robert M. LUDLOW
4 Robert Fulton LUDLOW resided in Claverack, NY
+ Catelina PHILIP
2 Abraham Smith FULTON b: Abt 1768 in ?, , Lancaster, PA,
d: Abt 1815
(Please see source note #5+6 for marriage status) =

2 Mary =93Polly=94 FULTON b: Abt 1768, d: Abt 1806
+David MORRIS b: 1766, d: 1834
3 Maria MORRIS b. 1791, d. Bef 1813
+ Samuel CUNNINGHAM b. 1790
3 Louisa MORRIS b 1792
3 Elizabeth MORRIS b. 1794
+ William P. ALDRICK, Rev.
3 David MORRIS, Jr, b. 1796
+ Frances Miller (dau of Benjamin Miller)
3 James P. MORRIS b. 1798
+ Anna Lindsay =

Based on this chart, there can be no descendants of steamboat Robert
FULTON bearing the FULTON surname.

Book: Genealogy of the Fulton Family Being Descendants of John =

Fulton, Born in Scotland 1713, Emigrated to America 1753, Settled in
Nottingham Township, Chester County, PENNA., 1762, by Hugh R. Fulton,
Lancaster PA. 1900. Appendix p 196-201. Copy at New York State
Library at Albany, NY. Abstracted Robert Fulton (steamboat) =

children=92s names and subsequent generations. He lists Robert Fulton=92s=

marriage to Harriet Livingston as 1806 rather than 1808. Also lists a
Ella Crary instead of an Alice Crary. Since Alice Crary wrote to
Scotland Highland ( referenced below) I went with Highland's version.
He references CAMERON versus Scotland Highland references

Manuscript: Fourth Annual Christmas Plea, An Historical and Genealogical
Narrative, by Scotland G. Highland, Clarksburg, West Virginia, Dec 25,
1926. No page numbers - used about sixth through ninth pages.

Book: Robert Fulton, A Biography by Cynthia Owen Philip, 1985.
p. 3 (Kilkenny, Ireland origin of Robert Fulton, Sr.), p 216 marriage
date of 7 not 8 Jan 1808

Newsletter: Fulton Family Letter by Patrice Fulton Stark, Editor
pages 92:71-74 - Abstracted Scott-Moore-Willis line

Newsletter: Fulton Family Letter by Patrice Fulton Stark, Editor
pages 92:103 Regarding marriage status of Abraham Smith Fulton
(brother of steamboat Robert Fulton):
=93Abraham Smith Fulton (Robert 1), =93younger=94 brother of THE
Robert Fulton, born after 1765. Although a genealogy has been
received purporting to be that of a descendant of this man, {10}
no evidence has been found suggesting that Abraham Smith Fulton
ever married or had children...

WARNING! There is another Abraham Fulton with a brother
named Robert living nearby. Abraham & Margaret (Guthrie)
Fulton came to North America ca 1772 and settled at Derry,
Westmoreland Co., PA. They attended the Sewickley Presbyterian
Church and their two sons were Robert, b 1751, and Abraham,
b 1753. Both men served as =93Rangers of the Frontier=94 ca 1778.
Some researchers have confused deeds and family information =

of Abraham, son of Abraham, as referring to Abraham Smith
Fulton, son of tailor Robert Fulton. - Ed.
{10}The Sanner Family in America by Wilmer Mackey Sanner,
unknown publication date, claims that a Margaret S. Fulton, b ca. 1792
was the daughter of Abraham Smith Fulton.=94

I have seen the conflicting information on the Abraham =

Fulton family group as follows:
1 Abraham FULTON
+ Mary A ------
2 Margaret S. FULTON 1792-1850
+ Michael SANNER 1790-1866
3 Lewis Fulton SANNER 1811-
3 Jacob Fulton SANNER 1813
3 Hugh Fulton SANNER 1815
3 Jonathan Fulton SANNER 1816
3 Catherine SANNER 1819
3 Adam Fulton SANNER 1821
3 Margarite SANNER 1823
3 Mary Ann SANNER 1825
3 Alexander Fulton SANNER 1828
3 Michael Fulton SANNER 1831
3 Sarah Ann SANNER 1833
3 Alfred Fulton SANNER 1838

Robert Fulton's will and codicil available at Surrogate Court =

31 Chamber st. NYC, NY (Entries mention his wife, brother
and sisters by name, but not the names of his children.)
Proved 27 Feb 1815 Liber 52 Page# Old Liber=3D134, new=3D112
Proved 18 Oct 1816 Liber 53 Page# Old Liber=3D362, new=3D322
Proved 13 May 1826 Liber 60 Page# Old Liber=3D422, new=3D366

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