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Subject: Fulton-Noble Co.,OH
Date: Sat, 30 Aug 1997 16:29:13 -0400

I am going to copy and paste a correspondence I have been having with Noble
County, Ohio. The last message may be of some interest to someone out there.
FYI there is also a Noble Family discussion list.
> Looking for information on Noble County itself. Specifically, how it got
> its name? Thank you for your time.
> Avis McCutchan

quoting from the History of Noble Co.
When the petition for the erection of the new county was first
introduced in the legislature, Warren P. Noble, of Seneca County (a
representative in the years 1846-7 and 1847-8), was chairman of the
committee on new counties. The friends of the measure, thinking it the
part of good policy to secure his influence, therefore named the
proposed county Noble. This statement, from a reliable source,
establishes a fact over which there has been some local controversy, It
may have been true also that the prominence of the Noble family in the
county (where already there was a township named Noble) had its
influence in bestowing the name; at any rate the matter was so managed
as to give the representative named the impression that the name was
given soley as a compliment to him.

Is that what you were interested in?
Shannon Moore
Orlando, FL

Yes this is exactly what I was interested in. Thank you so much for your time.
Can you give me any suggestions to follow up on Warren P. Noble? His genealogy?


>Avis, I have no idea about Warren P. Noble since he was from Seneca
>County. Now if you are interested in the Noble family of Noble Co I
>could probably be of some help.-- I'm confused.--- That Noble family
>came from Lancaster Co PA. Who are you looking for? What's your
>connection? How far back do you have them? These are things that would
>help me to find what you are looking for.
>Shannon Moore
>Orlando, FL

I will try to explain myself, but I am not exactly sure what I am looking
for myself, yet, and I don't want to ask for your time until I have had a
chance to organize my thoughts. Although this letter may just do that for me.

I research the MCCUTCHAN-en-eon family in Augusta County, VA. There is a
connection to NOBLE in Augusta, also FULTON. Recently on the Fulton mailing
list there has been a lot of talk about Fulton and CALDWELL in Noble County.
This family Fulton/Caldwell bypasses Augusta Co. and goes directly from PA
to OH. I guess I am looking for a back door to connect the Fulton and Noble
families. By the way McCutchan's migrated to Ohio also but I usually here
Adams County. Another by the way, there are Caldwell's in Augusta Co, also.
And another, McCutchans and Fulton's go from Lancaster, PA to Augusta, but
the connection to Noble seems to be made in Maryland first.

Well I can tell you the connection between the Noble, Fultons and
John Noble Sr d 1831 age 68 married ?. He was a native of Lancaster Co,
PA and father served in Rev war from PA
had James, Elizabeth (Reed) Sarah (Burlingame) Mary (Bates) Samuel,
Rachel (Reed) and John Jr.
John Jr was b 1802 Washington co, OH married in 1825 Rebecca Caldwell
dau of Robert Caldwell
Robert Caldwell native of Chester Co PA served as teamster in Rev War
settling in Washington Co early [might be around 1795] Robert died in
1831. His wife's maiden name was Jane Fulton native of PA and a niece to
Robert Fulton [don't know if this is true-from county history]
Maybe this might help you.
In the charts of Noble someone has Alexander Fulton as Jane's father and
William Fulton as her grandfather.

Shannon Moore
Orlando, FL


We are back to me again in real time. I have a couple other names that have
been discussed in the Fulton mailing list that have connections in Augusta
County, VA but seem to bypass Augusta in this lists discussions. Dunlap,
for one, I have heard discussed.

Also Fulton County, PA, was a part of Bedford County,Pa made from Cumberland
Co, PA (recently discussed). I can not find information on how Fulton
County got its name.

If anyone is interested in this I can send the lines of how I have Fulton,
Noble, McCutchan, Caldwell, Finley, Dunlap connected in Augusta Co., VA.

Once again I am not sure what it is I am trying to do here, it just seems
that the names are so similar within various communities.
Avis McCutchan

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