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From: "Roberta (Fulton) Hirth" <>
Subject: Andrew FULTON, founder of Brass/Bell Foundry in Pittsburgh,PA 1832
Date: Sun, 06 Sep 1998 10:17:35 -0400

Dear Barbara Schmitt,

You said you were researching the owner of the Fulton Bell Foundry
in Pittsburgh, PA. Although I am not related to that branch
of the Fultons, I am enclosing some information that may be
of assistance to your research. Andrew FULTON married Jane MAGEE.
He established the bell and brass foundry business in Pittsburg in 1832
and is descended from the John FULTON who was born in Scotland ca.
1713, emigrated to America ca. 1753, and settled in Nottingham
Township, Chester Co, PA ca 1762. This data was taken from page
29 of the book entitled the "Genealogy of the Fulton Family" by
Hugh R. Fulton, 1900. Details regarding the book are enclosed below.

I am interested in how you are related to this group of Fultons.
Could you please tell me how you descend from this line and
any migration patterns of the Fultons that you are aware of.
You may be interested in joining our Fulton discussion group
that has about 148 Fulton researchers. I will send you directions
about the list in a separate note.

You can search the archives of the FULTON discussion list that is
provided by ROOTSWEB. The online menu-driven interface
to search the archives of the discussion lists can be reached at:

Looking forward to hearing more about your connection to this family.

Roberta R. (Fulton) Hirth
Harriman, New York 10926

Fulton web page at:


Genealogy of the Fulton Family Being Descendants of John
Fulton Born in Scotland 1713, Emigrated to America in
1753, Settled in Nottingham Township, Chester County, Penna, 1762,
with a records of the known descendants of Hugh Ramsey Fulton, of
Nottingham, and Joseph Miller, of Lancaster County, PA,
Compiled and Edited by Hugh R. Fulton, The New Era Printing
Company, Lancaster, PA, 1900.

This book is available as a reprint from the bookstore,
The Higginson Book Company, which has their catalog online.
The address is:


Look at Surname Books Index A to Z, and select F (for FULTON).

Higginson Book Company
148 Washington St.
P. O. Box 778
Salem, MA 01970
Tel: 508-745-7170


LINE: 1753 MD-PA: John Fulton
FROM: Glasgow, Lanarkshire, Scotland
TO: Newcastle, Delaware or Baltimore, MD > 1762 ? Oxford, Nottingham
Township,Chester Co., PA.

DESCRIPTION: John Fulton was a fuller by trade. He was
also an elder in the the Oxford Associate Presbyterian
Church which in 1753 requested ministers from the
Synod Edinburgh. Rev. Alexander Gellatley and Andrew
Arnot arrived at the end of the year in 1753. The Rev.
Arnot returned to Scotland after two years.

1796 Desc Mary Fulton’s husband Rev. Jas. Proudfit
in Salem, NY mentioned in will (p.53)

1800 Desc. of Elizabeth Fulton and husband James Hutchinson
moved to Belmont Co. Ohio, approx 7 miles from Wheeling
and to New Athens, Ohio. (FFL 87-63)

1782 York Co. PA > Troy, NY where Susanna (Fulton) Clarkson died (p. 79)

1832 Desc Andrew Fulton later founded a bell and brass foundry (p. 29)

1800-1850s John Fulton dies bachelor in Petersburg, VA

1842 John Fulton Clarkson, Troy, NY (p. 30)

1850 abt Elizabeth Esther (Fulton) Winans resides in Manchester, KS (p.

1850s St Louis, MO (p. 35)

1868 White Bear, MN (p. 34)

Descendants lived in MD, PA, NY, OH, MO, CO.
Related families include Clarkson, Crary, Crawford,
Hutchison, Kerr, Proudfit, Ramsey,
Thompson, Watt, Wilson, Watson, Winans.

1John FULTON b:1713 in Lanarkshire, Scotland d: 20 March 1796 in ?
Chester Co.,PA
+Eleanore b: in ? Scotland m: in Scotland
.......2 Mary FULTON b: 1745 in Lanarkshire,Scotland; m. Rev. James
.......2 Elizabeth FULTON b: 1748 in Lanarkshire,Scotland; m.
James HUTCHISON 1767, d. 12 June 1812.
.......2 James FULTON b:2 Feb. 1751 in Lanarkshire,Scotland;
d. 15 Feb 1833, aged 83 years;. Margaret MILLER 25 Nov 1781.
.......2 John FULTON
+ Margaret DICKEY (1st wife of John FULTON)
3 Mary FULTON, m. ECKLES, Steubenville, OH
3 Elizabeth FULTON, m. David LAFEVRE
3 John FULTON, deceased.
+ Esther COOPER (2nd wife of John FULTON)
3 Thomas FULTON, m. Margaret BAIRD
3 James C. FULTON, m Eliza Jane MORROW, d 1865
3 Andrew FULTON (ex-mayor's grandfather), m. Jane MAGEE.
He established the bell and brass foundry business in
Pittsburg in 1832.
4 John C FULTON b 1826, deceased by 1900
4 Samuel Magee FULTON b 1829, m. Agnes SMITH, d by 1900
4 Jane Magee FULTON b 1830,m. Dr Samuel DILWORTH,d by 1900
4 Christopher Magee FULTON b 1832, d by 1900
4 Francis McAllister FULTON
4 Henrietta FULTON
4 Margaret Magee FULTON b 1834 in Pittsburg, m
Thomas C. FULTON (a cousin) in 1868, resides in
White Bear Lake, Minn.
4 Andrew Magee FULTON, JR. m. Marie SMITH
4 Eliza Magee FULTON
3 Jemima FULTON
3 Jefferson C. FULTON, m. Eliza McCARTNEY
3 George Washington FULTON, b Aug 1802 in Chester Co, PA
d Nov 1864,m. Harriet BLANCHARD of Worcester, Mass,
second marriage Mary Ann KENNEDY. Trade a steamboat
engineer on Ohio and Mississippi Rivers.
3 Eleanor Richmond FULTON, m. William BRICE
3 Matthew Wilson FULTON
.......2 Jane FULTON d 19 Jan 1797, m. Mathew WILSON 27 Aug 1792.
.......2 Susan FULTON b 1760, d. at Troy NY, m. Rev. James CLARKSON,
York County.

SOURCE: Genealogy of the Fulton Family being Descendants of John Fulton
Born in Scotland 1713, by Hugh Ramsey. Fulton, Lancaster PA. 1900.
p1-10. LDS Salt Lake City US/CAN Film area 0982495 item 2 (indexed),
and Higginson Publishing Co.

SOURCE: “The Fulton Family Letter” by Robert D. Fulton,
(86:48, 60, 65, 80, 87:62-3, 89:43-46, 89:668-70,


Since this book has been filmed by the LDS, the microfilm should be
available for loan at the local LDS library. Although I have
seen copies of this book at other research libraries such as
the NY State Library at Albany, the copies were too fragile,
so photocopies of the pages were not allowed.

p.2-3 “I take it as being most probable that John Fulton and
family came from Lanarkshire in Scotland and set sail from
the seaport town of Glasgow... Tradition has it that the little
family landed at New Castle, Delaware, or Balitmore, for James
wrote that he had lived in Maryland for seven years, where his son
John was born in 1755. Then in 1762 he moved to Chester County,
PA., where he had resided ever since.

In 1772 he purchased a tract of 260 acres of land
from John Hawthorn for five and fifty pounds, or about $275.00.

This land lay on the Big Elk Creek and the Oxford and New London
Road, and included what are now the properties of Job Pugh,
Peter Caldwell, or the old Charles McDonald farm, and the Henry
Way place.”

On page 3 it mentions that John’s will was dated February 6 1796, and
proven at West Chester, March 24, 1796. On page 6 it indicates that
the will mentions John’s daughter “Jane Wilson, wife of Matthew Wilson,
of East Nottingham." On page 23-26 a copy of the will is printed.

At the end of the book, the author includes several letters written
in the late 1800’s to members of other Fulton branches not related
to his line, such as a Canadian branch of Fultons; the Centre Co, PA
Fultons; the Midway settlement near Dorchester, Liberty Co,
GA. Fultons; the Nova Scotia Fultons; the Abraham Fulton and
Margaret Guthry from Articlave, Londonderry Co, Ireland and
Westmoreland Co.PA Fultons; and the Nebraska Fultons. Obviously
the author, Hugh Ramsey Fulton, enjoyed his genealogical research
and corresponded widely with Fultons in the late 1800s - and he
published his findings.

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