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From: "Patrice Fulton Stark" <>
Subject: Fulton + Yerkes (Pt1)
Date: Sat, 4 Mar 2000 16:31:26 -0700

Harman Yerkes, b 15 Apr 1689 in the "Dutch Country" (probably Germany,
possibly the Netherlands) died at the Manor of Moreland, Philadelphia
County, Pennsylvania, 2 May 1750. He owned land on Pennypack Creek that was
adjacent to Walter Moore. [Pennypack Creek flows through the Manor of
Moreland and nearby Lower Dublin Township on its way to the Delaware River.]

On 3 September 1770, Silas Yerkes and Stephen Yerkes, sons of Harman Yerkes,
deceased, watched Walter Moore sign his Will.

What's the Fulton connection?

We know that a David Fulton was living in Lower Dublin Township as early as
1753, adjacent to Thomas Powell, Deceased. We also know that a David Fulton
acquired land in Cheltenham as early as 1730 and this man advertised a
runaway horse in 1756. (Is this one David Fulton or two?)

I have a couple more pieces to ponder.

On 17 Sept 1748, Elizabeth Fulton married William Standley at Christ Church
in Philadelphia. (William Standley owned several tracts of land at the Manor
of Moreland and is mentioned as a partner on at least one venture in the
business ledgers of merchant James Fullton of Philadelphia.)

On 30 Sept 1749, Eleanor Fulton "of the Manor of Moreland" witnessed the
Will of Henry Carey. (Who's she? Who's he?)

In August 1755, Robert Fulton married Eleanor "Nelly" Wynkoop at the Christ
Church in Philadelphia.

In October 1755, David Fulton married Elizabeth Yerkes at the same church.

On 28 February 1760, merchant James Fullton married Mary Moore at the Manor
of Moreland. (Diary of Rev. Cuthbertson)

The following day, 29 February 1760, David Fulton witnessed the Will of
William Murray of Mooreland Twp. (Noted by Herbert Leister in his analysis
of the "Ledgers of Merchant James Fulton....") William Murray, may be the
same man mentioned in the Pennsylvania Gazette, 23 April 1741: “William
Murray, Taylor, two miles from Fletchermill, on the road between
Philadelphia and Newtown, gives a penny a pound for linnen Rags.”

In 1761/2, David Fulton married Helen Wynkoop (allegedly the younger sister
of "Nelly") at the Abingdon Presbyterian Church northwest of the Manor of

Beginning in August, 1764, David Fulton, "miller of the Manor of Moreland"
appears in the business ledgers of merchant James Fullton. It appears that
David Fulton (which one?) took over the mill operation formerly owned by
Walter Moore. Merchant James Fullton purchased flour from miller David
Fulton of the Manor of Mooreland and there are numerous entries in Fullton’s
ledgers regarding the miller including a tax payment entry for 1774.

On 8 August 1776, David Fulton of the Manor of Moland [sic] appears on
Revolutionary War Muster Roll. [Ref: National Register #687752 (probably
DAR), photocopy of Muster Roll summary, “David Fulton, private, 2nd
Battalion, Philadelphia County, Capt. Josiah Hart’s Company commanded by
Robert Lewis, Colonel of the 2d Battalion of Philadelphia County in the
Manor of Moland [sic]. Muster roll dated 8 August 1776. The entry is
endorsed, “Ent’d July 24, - Sept. 11th - including 3 days - mileage from
Trentown to Manor Moreland 20 Miles.”]

* * * * *

How many David Fultons were living at or near the Manor of Moreland in 1755?

How many David Fultons were living there at the time of the Revolution?

Why did some Fultons choose to marry at Christ Church in Philadelphia and
others marry at Abingdon Presbyterian Church?

And what, if anything, is the connection between Elizabeth, daughter of
Anthony Yerkes of the Manor of Moreland, (1790) identified as the wife of
David Fulton of Virginia?

* * * * *

In 1794, Mary Fulton married Adam Middleton at Berkeley Co, VA.
In 1803, Hester Fulton married James Beatie at Washington Co, VA.

Mary Fulton and Hester Fulton were sisters. Mary named one of her sons David
Fulton Middleton. Hester named one of her daughters, Elizabeth Yerkes


Patrice (Fulton) Stark
Lone Tree, Colorado

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